Science Experiments with Eggs and Balloons by HooplaKidz Lab

HooplaKidz Lab brings to you a collection of aome amazing science experiments that you can do at home using eggs and balloons | The Science of Eggs and Balloons by HooplaKidz Lab | Like me on Facebook:




38 responses to “Science Experiments with Eggs and Balloons by HooplaKidz Lab”

  1. Beef boss4 Films Avatar

    Y is all this positive this Vidio sucks

  2. Mike Hunt Avatar

    That was fun. My grandkids (5-13) will enjoy these. Your vocal delivery is excellent: expressive but not condescending or silly.
    . . . . . The egg in vinegar also works if the egg remains in the shell. The shell disappears and you end up with an egg inside a translucent sack. It's quite odd, because you can see the yolk. The "white" of the egg loses its viscosity, so when the sack gives up, it will be a little messy and stinky.
    . . . . . Now about the balloon on the pins: is that a similar principal to people lying on a bed of nails? If they stepped on one, it would go through, but lying on an array distributes the weight. Hmmm… I won't be experimenting with that.

  3. Fely Cuenca Avatar

    Love experiments nice video

  4. Frinee Guevara Avatar

    I love the music what is it called

  5. Nai-Nai #1 Avatar

    thx for the ideas with eggs

  6. Savage Vloger SV Avatar

    Add explosives and make it more specific

  7. Meraj Ahmad Avatar

    I like your this Experiment

  8. Benny Paul Avatar

    experiments of hooplakids were amazing and interesting thankyou hkl

  9. Chris Fowler Avatar

    where did you get the magnetic coins?

  10. Trinh Phi Avatar

    If you put a leaf on water it points north,and, why?


    I love your experiments! Btw, can u tell us your name!? ~Wendy~

  12. Echo Avatar
    This book has cool problems for high school and college students
    great for science projects – senior design projects


    I used the make an egg float one for my 3rd grade science project


    I'm my moms daughter and I go to 4th grade and I used the : Fill up a ballon with a chemical reaction : for my school science fair project

  15. Missy Scruggs Avatar

    can you try to make a youtube video by make slime goo and can you also try to make ublic?

  16. rozhan mirzaei Avatar

    your videos are so useful…Thank you

  17. MONTI Avatar

    I like your experiments !

  18. Snipe91 gt Avatar

    Omggggg so nice videos omg I got an A because of this experiment

  19. AJ TRG Avatar

    i love your videos

  20. Nailah Rehman Avatar

    in glowing balloons experiment have you pop some of the colours of balloons

  21. mohd aslam Avatar

    your videos r fabulous

  22. Eva Avatar

    you are awsome

  23. Joe Morrow Avatar

    you should try baking soda and diet coke

  24. Priyanka Kumar Avatar

    hoopla can you please do body facts

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