Science Bob’s Crazy Foam Experiment

Visit for instructions for the home version of this Elephant’s Toothpaste experiment.






26 responses to “Science Bob’s Crazy Foam Experiment”

  1. Blue Vortex Avatar

    You first used 20 volumes of H2O2 that would be exactly 6% isn't that right?

  2. Aleyan Secody Avatar

    Science Bob I really like your experiment. Last year I did your experience at my school science fair and I won

  3. BenjaKnight Avatar

    Thanks science bob! Im going to do this for my project at my science fair! Ill make sure to tell you my grade!

  4. Greg Adams Avatar

    Still more trustworthy than Bill Nye.

  5. Shawn Roberts Avatar

    I love your experimens I do it too

  6. Shawn Roberts Avatar

    I saw you in nikky rikky dikky and dawn too.

  7. Emily Gray Avatar

    u R OFF my favorite show Nicky Ricky Ricky and dawn
    tell them I said hi

  8. Serenity Mills Avatar

    wow!!! thanks science bob i showed my class this experiment to my class with my science teacher and im in 6th grade thank you very much.

  9. Valerie Strasser Avatar

    we found you cause our son was in head start. we been using ideas from your page just for fun. now my daughter is doing rock candy from your site for science project.

  10. tanner hess Avatar

    this is really cool!

  11. Lina Bergström Avatar

    now thaaaaat is science!

  12. completelystupid87 Avatar

    I think it's an endothermic reaction. Heat is transferred from the surrounding to the system to raise the temperature up. Please explain it … Thanks

  13. ParanormalVC Avatar

    my friend and i did it bu it didnt go as fast as yours :T ours went slowly

  14. Kayden Taylor Avatar

    Only reason I looked up science Bob is cause I saw it on Nicky Ricky dicky and dawn

  15. Wilddog73 Avatar

    Who let out the Genie?

  16. Christina Sun Avatar

    If you use the 3% hydrogen peroxide could you just double the amount?

  17. Kjhouie_rules Avatar

    He's very well at science 

  18. Bill Page Avatar

    hehehehe coool science magic high teck plus  science bob craking me up lol 

  19. CLASHOFCLANS chAvEz Avatar

    That's awesome Bob

  20. Colinda v.Aggele Avatar

    2:56 wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Kate Hernandez Avatar

    That's like what honey lemon did in Disney's Big Hero 6!!!

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