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Welcome to science at home in this experiment we are making rock candy by crystallizing sugar. This is a simple experiment that can be done at home with some water, sugar and a stove. When a supersaturated solution of sugar cools, the sugar in the solution collects together into crystals known as Rock Candy. At the end of this episode you will be able to make your very own Rock Candy, explain what happens during crystallization and explain what a supersaturated solution is.

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Equipment and Ingredients:
Measuring Cups and Spoons
Food Colouring (Optional)
Liquid flavoring extract (optional)
Stove Top
Lab Coat or Apron

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42 responses to “Rock Candy Recipe – Crystallization of Sugar – The Sci Guys: Science at Home”

  1. Ljae Natino Avatar

    Hiiii can I ask? For our modules only. How would you know that the crystals are already forming? How do crystals form?

  2. albadra's world Avatar

    We are still waiting for the results ✨

  3. Emman Calix Avatar

    I made one but straws as sticks

  4. Rebecca Archuleta Avatar

    me to 🙂 thx for the idea

  5. Xx_GermanPanzerIII_xX Avatar

    I have a question, how many days does it take to grow this?

  6. Alcedo 8 Avatar

    the only reason I liked is cuz u guys are so cringe

  7. Divyavarma P Avatar

    Si I liked your video and download it your video the down three common Sarda mines

  8. Divyavarma P Avatar

    Do you see down to comments there all my ok

  9. Divyavarma P Avatar

    Easy sugar powder normal sugar actually I am in India

  10. GOWDA GOWDA Avatar

    Nice experiment
    I am going to try
    Thank you

  11. Octopus Knight Avatar

    0% Protein
    0% Fats
    100% Carbs

  12. Arias, Gelly G. Avatar

    In this video or in your first experiment, how long did it take before you removed that crystals in the solution? Thank you.

  13. Taffy Cort Avatar

    Question can you use the same sugar solution to make more

  14. Eric Nakata Avatar

    Cover super saturated solutions and isomers along with thermodynamics and What a real Kalorie isbhehehehe

  15. Eric Nakata Avatar

    I new you were mad scientisting with out me .M.I.T , finally paid off …. I’m still a bum in Torrance/South Bay.?miss me husband Ken

  16. Eric Nakata Avatar

    Allium or ma huang or cannabis Sativa or the sugar cane unprocessed and regular sodium salt not nacl which is generally iodized and contains chloride the ide being an isomer

  17. Eric Nakata Avatar

    Not Eric it’s princess spunderella

  18. Rihanna Lowe Avatar

    0:23 Yay- Both of us: wohw (ok….) sad music

  19. cafe2367 nguyễn Avatar

    Tôi rất thích video của bạn.
    Tôi muốn làm quen cùng các bạn

  20. Emmily Ilonge Avatar

    I made one into a necklace but my sis broke it

  21. crxzy on controller Avatar

    The guy is so cringe
    Plz stop my eyes!!!

  22. D4rrag00n XD Avatar

    The only thing i need to worry about during the crystalization process:


  23. Arthur Morgan Avatar

    0:22 are you experienced?

  24. Aqua2780 Avatar

    How cool does it need to be? What’s the temperature it needs to be below?

  25. Sanad Obeidat Avatar

    this did not work!!!!!!

  26. Preston Lewin Avatar

    I cant w the intro ew lmao

  27. Parker Kautz Avatar

    Why is it called the sci guys when one of you is a girl?

  28. Eduardo Avatar

    Viva Fiotttttttt

  29. Iona Stevenson Avatar

    COVID well i am doing work!

  30. Iona Stevenson Avatar

    I am stiring my solutian right now

  31. ishy swishy Avatar

    came here from ghs

  32. Scorpios_mylife Avatar

    mmm can't wait to try this!

  33. Ajani McCullough Avatar


  34. Leah Haymour Avatar

    the candy looks so good

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