Red Cabbage Indicator Colors : Chemistry Experiment for Kids to do at Home

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Red Cabbage is a universal indicator. Make your own natural indicator at home and add it to different Acidic and Basic available in your kitchen. See the beautiful change in colors of the solutions. This is an amazing Chemistry Experiment for Kids to do at Home.
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35 thoughts on “Red Cabbage Indicator Colors : Chemistry Experiment for Kids to do at Home

  1. Hi so I had to watch this video because my teacher sent this and my brother saw this and said it was wrong because there is not mean to be pink in it and there has to be purple but idk because this is my first time doing something like this.

  2. I heard it like if the cabbage pieces are boiled for the juice then pour 2 cups of it, ad vinegar to the 1 and baking soda to the other for the red or pink and green colours then when those 2 are poured back together the juice returns to the original purple colour! whoa though, I had not heard of lile sprite and all the rest of those for every single colour of the rainbow! koOol Roarr!

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