Red Cabbage Indicator Colors : Chemistry Experiment for Kids to do at Home

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Red Cabbage is a universal indicator. Make your own natural indicator at home and add it to different Acidic and Basic available in your kitchen. See the beautiful change in colors of the solutions. This is an amazing Chemistry Experiment for Kids to do at Home.
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35 responses to “Red Cabbage Indicator Colors : Chemistry Experiment for Kids to do at Home”

  1. MidnightWolfieRoblox Avatar

    Hi so I had to watch this video because my teacher sent this and my brother saw this and said it was wrong because there is not mean to be pink in it and there has to be purple but idk because this is my first time doing something like this.

  2. Rand Ranj Avatar

    I got this as a homework dnw

  3. Donna S Avatar

    No we have to do it at home. Ugh

  4. ocxon Avatar

    Why tf do I have to watch this like b r u h

  5. Vani Jeevan Avatar

    can we use "Harpic" instead of bleach???

  6. Zahra Rashid Avatar

    What are the measurements

  7. Ashneet joshan Avatar

    what would be the colour after adding Ammonia + vinegar and then add red cabbage solution?

  8. gisele Avatar

    y’all why is everyone here from school-

  9. Nina Mercado Avatar

    I’m doing this for Halloween, I’m so excited

  10. hiren rupani Avatar

    Anybody has hw to see this video

  11. Fernin Esta Nerfeado Avatar

    Imagine a color blind person getting this as a homework

  12. T R I P P Y Avatar

    Bruh i dont care just give me the answers for my homework

  13. Akshitha Gowda Avatar
    Making of our own ph indicator by hibiscus flower watch this video very interesting

  14. Theuns Delport Avatar

    Anyone's teacher said they must watch this during covid 19?

  15. nana aisha Avatar

    do i have to add water to the sanitizer

  16. Jack Noll Avatar

    I am an attack helicopter and I hate Mrs Lameriad, I pity her child

  17. Violet Simpson Avatar

    This video really helped me with science, thank you so much.

  18. HuntedJ20 Avatar

    slow clap in a sarcastic tone wow, so interesting. 2 minutes of life wasted. slow claps

  19. pickle rick Avatar

    thank you for this lovely dinner recipe. my family enjoyed it so much, they painted the walls purple! delicious.

  20. ValkyRiver Avatar

    what about Sulphuric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide

  21. Bea Avatar

    what type of vinegar?

  22. Becca Cala Avatar

    I heard it like if the cabbage pieces are boiled for the juice then pour 2 cups of it, ad vinegar to the 1 and baking soda to the other for the red or pink and green colours then when those 2 are poured back together the juice returns to the original purple colour! whoa though, I had not heard of lile sprite and all the rest of those for every single colour of the rainbow! koOol Roarr!

  23. Wilf Wonders Avatar

    thanks for the video. i did my own experiment you can see it here

  24. Tetrahedrons Avatar

    wierd the sugar solution is another color than water, sugar should not change the pH

  25. denelson83 Avatar

    So, your water is slightly alkaline, eh?

  26. Nouran AbdelDayem Avatar

    How do i know which is acidic and which is basic?

  27. Oskar Theme Avatar

    Actually, lemon juice came second to vinegar. You got them confused.

  28. Raven Besoyo Avatar

    How to turn it back to colourless?? Pls someone…. I need it please

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