Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

An education video on Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)from the Royal Society of Chemistry. From the Modern Instrumental Techniques for schools and colleges DVD. For more information on the Chemistry for our Future programme please visit
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24 responses to “Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)”

  1. Jyothsna Devi Avatar

    i have a doubt …that is the OH is the least one and it is least shielding so it come under deshielding …but u have presented it in shielding area

  2. Barack Hussein O'Toole Avatar

    Super neat. Dramatic cinematography as well around 5:30 – makes the robotic arm way scarier

  3. Gautam Bhall Avatar

    Thanks for video.. keep supporting science student by such practical work..

  4. GxSandy Avatar

    No gloves, no safety glasses, no labcoat, chloroform… The video was made when safety regulations were lax. good ol' days, haha

  5. yuvaa sampath Avatar

    i love brucker, nice presentation,easy understanding, interesting to me

  6. Mohammed Elshaer Avatar


  7. Prabhu Lal Suwalka Avatar

    thanks for this video

  8. Esmeralda Elhamzawy Avatar

    An amazing video, and very illustrative. Thank you.

  9. Lynn Burkey Avatar

    I haven't looked at chemistry in over 20 years since getting a degree and was astonished by how small these instruments have become!

  10. Fiyy Azhar Avatar

    thank you a lot! this video is helping me so much <3

  11. Hayet Ben aicha Avatar

    شكرا ممتاز

  12. Vishali Kalyanakrishnan Avatar

    wonderful vedio. provided a great deal of information. please keep uploading such useful vedios 🙂

  13. Interplanetary Astrophysicist Avatar

    Dies ist ein sehr gutes Video. Ich habe viel gelernt. Danke!

  14. Pino K. K. Avatar

    So could you precisely identify organic substance of such complexity as lets say tramadol?

  15. احمد السويدي Avatar

    Great video .. !
    Clear and intresting..

  16. Yu Wan Avatar

    Thanks, it is very useful.

  17. xXUniqueSunRaysXx Avatar

    This video is awesome, it gave me a comprehensive idea about nuclear magnetic resonance. Thanks

  18. TheIntrepidWolf Avatar

    Good video. A bit more information on analysis of the peaks would help and some help on working out how to tell how many adjacent protons are near each group. This topic is one of the hardest in A2 chemistry I found, not because it's that difficult, it's that the rules are rather vague.

  19. Bruno Rocha Avatar

    YOU SAVED MY LIFE! Thank you a lot for this and all the other nice videos!

  20. Hardik shah Avatar

    nice ty sir ……………

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