Properties of Matter – Science Experiments For Kids

Nanna KnowItAll uses vinegar and baking powder to explore the properties of matter, with this classic and always fun science experiment for kids.



18 responses to “Properties of Matter – Science Experiments For Kids”

  1. The Irish Bot Avatar

    I Jack off to this

  2. Ali Aljanabi Avatar

    you will also need your hands and voice grandma

  3. 小会会 Avatar

    Is this a physical or chemical change?anyone

  4. Shubh Patel Avatar

    Umm is she trying to copy bill nye?????

    Because she is failing

    Really badly

  5. lifyz Avatar

    Someone tell me tree properties of matter

  6. Harpreet Singh Avatar

    Very nice experiment. And in a funny way.

  7. Ryuzaki Hideki Avatar

    looks like she is in drugs

  8. Hemanth Kumar Avatar

    Uh I do no…… AWKWARD

  9. NyanCorruptedFrost Avatar

    This is crazy, but oh well. The experiment is good. I might just use it for my 3rd Grade Science Fair on May 8th!

  10. osuushiza8 Avatar

    She's too cute! 😛 She must be one of the funnest Nan(n)a's around! q:

  11. LoomerHire4765 Avatar

    This video gives me a lot to think about but this is lame seriously who could like this video

  12. Elimy23 Avatar

    i use to have these on my ipod touch, good old days :'D

  13. The Tech-Know Parent Avatar

    fun and helpful for teaching!

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