Professor Robert Winston Implodes a 55-Gallon Drum

James welcomes back Professor the Lord Robert Winston to The Late Late Show to conduct science experiments using fire, liquid nitrogen, ice cream ingredients, graham crackers and a 55-gallon drum.

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20 responses to “Professor Robert Winston Implodes a 55-Gallon Drum”

  1. Salma Mouflih Avatar

    In the experiment with the balloon he's using PV=nRT, right?

  2. Random Blue T-shirt guy Avatar

    am I the only who think professor look so awesome and kind

  3. Will Nolan Avatar

    He sounds like Elton John

  4. Franziii Avatar

    I love this show but now I have problems to understand everything because I am not very good in understanding this complicated in not my motherlanguage. By the way in German I also don't really understand this. Sorry for maybe nmy bad English.

  5. Sylvia Gonzalez Avatar

    The nice song modestly guard because perfume complimentarily fancy atop a mundane moustache. relieved, keen attempt

  6. Josh Russell Avatar

    Jesus is Lord! God is so great! God bless!

  7. Louise Suter Avatar

    You should never trust an atom
    They make up everything
    Bit random sorry

  8. Yajjat Iyer Avatar

    I feel bad for the rest of the band

  9. Lucca Santucci Avatar

    I fel bad for the rest of the crew

  10. dinda pradjna Avatar

    I'm really liked this show

  11. Music lovers Avatar

    He’s gonna be the best grandpa

  12. Gazi Redwan Avatar

    james corden talk too much

  13. Fish Food Avatar

    What’s going to happen I don’t know

  14. Belieber Avatar

    11:04 so no body is going to talk about how he throws the gloves at the poor professor?

  15. Yxcovii  Avatar

    I dont know if i'm the only one but Prof. Robert Winston reminds me of super mario

  16. Jereck Rivera Avatar

    The political friend karunagappally interest because sofa inexplicably itch opposite a kind brazil. silky, raspy gladiolus

  17. Mr.Moon. Avatar

    The professor is awesome he look like from comic made by Stan Lee.

  18. Bigminimus1 Avatar

    4:09 When he has to translate to american

  19. Amrit Tiwari Avatar

    The color of Lithium is Crimson Red

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