Preparing a standard solution

Watch how to prepare a standard solution.

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22 responses to “Preparing a standard solution”

  1. Vixen Insert meme here Avatar

    I’m assuming many people are gonna have to watch this in the future, this is greetings from the year 2021, hope however far in the future you are (even if it’s just minutes) is going well for you 🙂

  2. Reeta Singh Avatar

    Mam please iske age ke video s banayiye mam

  3. web Master Avatar

    நியமக் கரைசல்களை தயாரிக்கும் முறை…

  4. Matthew Sarich Avatar

    Very cool thank you

  5. Puuding Music Avatar

    2:52 describes my anxiety for tomorrow's chemistry test

  6. Guiche Avatar

    please stop throwing my moms soaked panties at my window eugene

  7. JustJazro Avatar

    Sat here going over my applied science work….

  8. aravind deshpande Avatar

    How to prepare IODINE 1ml equals to 0.001mg standard solution?

  9. steve union Avatar

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  10. Simon Maverick Avatar

    Simple technique and a common source of titrimetric errors for students.

  11. ملاك الصامت Avatar

    How much water did you add at the beginning and how the weight of sample

  12. James Scott Avatar

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  13. Randy Ross Avatar

    trying to find out how to make quercetin because it should be a cheap and effective Covid-19 Treatment…

  14. Cameron MacCallum Avatar

    thank you Royal Society of Chemistry. Very cool

  15. ALRA_47 Avatar

    3rB poseu els subtituls per saber les paraules jajaja

  16. amelia bouchar Avatar

    pay attention to the liars the only laboratory aggregated by the AfDB is in Algeria its customer service responds to 00213 541475850 all the rest is scammers and I have my proofs it work on percentage

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