Pepper and Water | Science Experiments for kids | Pepper and soap trick

Pepper and Water | Science Experiments for kids | Pepper and soap trick

Ever tried a magic trick at home??
This is a magic trick that you can easily master if you understand the concept of surface tension.
For this
You’ll need:
• Liquid dish washer gel
• Water
• Bowl
• Grounded black pepper
• Take the bowl and fill it with water
• Sprinkle some pepper over the water
• Dip your finger into it and observe. Nothing will happen to the pepper present in the bowl.
• Now, put some liquid dish washer gel on to your finger
• Now slowly dip the finger with the gel into the bowl in the center
• You’ll notice that the pepper which is sprinkled over the water moves away from the finger and rushes back to the outer edge of the bowl.
The pepper floats on the top of water due to surface tension of the water. The surface tension pulls the top of the water together like a skin, so the water bulges up a bit.
Surface tension is the result of the strong attraction between molecules in a liquid. Water has an unusually high surface tension compared with most other liquids because water molecules are very strongly attracted to each other. This strong attraction allows the water to bulge up a bit and makes some insects to skate on its surface.
When the dish washer gel is put into water the surface tension of the water gets ruptured and the bulged part of the water spreads out. So water molecules on the surface are pulled towards the ends of the bowl when the detergent comes in contact with water.
When the surface tension of water breaks, the top most molecules of water spread out and in the process they take the pepper particles away thus making it look as if they are running away from the liquid soap.
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  1. Meme Boi! Avatar

    It does that because you're gay

  2. MissxLiquorette Avatar

    I’m finna do a 8th grade science project on this

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    Pepper has oil in it. The oil swims on water.

  5. Shreya Patial Avatar

    What is the application of this experiment?

  6. aNazeer NAS Avatar

    thank u sooo much

  7. Dragonisable Avatar

    thumbs up when your where because of the demon magacian.

  8. Certified Army Avatar

    thank you so much! you saved my 1st grading project in science

  9. Kylia Fulton Avatar

    Wonder if this would work with something other than pepper…like fine glitter.

  10. Pooja Ram Avatar

    look experiment worked out but pepper just gone
    anyway good……………………..

  11. David Adams Avatar

    Back in my day, this was a racist joke to demonstrate how to get the blacks (though that wasn't the word used) to the other side of the pool while the whites swim. (Use salt or your imagination.)

  12. Norma Borrett Avatar

    Simple and effective demonstration.

  13. Buzz Zu Avatar

    what if u boil the water

  14. Sonson Mathew Avatar

    The best ever expire net in the world

  15. ItzWrench Avatar

    Awesome experiment! I'm definitely using this for my science fair project.

  16. Khaoula Hamouda Avatar

    you put too much pepper good job though

  17. MoistTowelette Avatar

    when i was in 6th grade this kid named leo drank this. yep, he drank it. he was okay though

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  19. Megaraven 64 Avatar

    thanks for letting me know i had a sience experiment

  20. raymond22906 Avatar

    sorry to say this but it is bad sooooooorrry

  21. Jay Dave Avatar

    this is a great project for my little sister to show at her school!!!!!! thaks of the explanation!!!

  22. Amrita Avatar

    This is totes awesome! I'm so gonna do this for the upcoming science fair at school 😀

  23. Naderskater7 Avatar

    you need like 5 or 6 more watermarks 

  24. That Guy Avatar

    The black pepper is "grounded"?  Was it naughty?

  25. Ellysa Charrette Avatar

    it worked thats so cool

  26. Maria wea Avatar

    would you say cohesion is involved ?

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