O-Level Chemistry . IP Chemistry: Sublimation Process – A Chemistry Phenomenon

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You have learnt about the 3 States of Matter – Solid, Liquid & Gas. We have also learnt about the physical processes that changes one state to another. e.g. Melting, Evaporation, Boiling, Condensation, Freezing, etc..

Sublimation is a very special process which changes the solid state directly into the gaseous state without going through Melting process (i.e. without going through the liquid state).

In this video, we share with you one of the everyday life examples that such Chemistry Phenomenons are observed.

This is Solid Carbon Dioxide, and in general we call it as Dry Ice. Dry Ice is a classic example that we observe sublimation process to occur. The solid carbon dioxide changes directly into gaseous carbon dioxide, without going through the liquid state.

Dry Ice is commonly used to keep Ice-Cream cold and solid by ice-cream vendors. Do you have any idea why we don’t use normal ice (made of water) to keep ice cream cold?

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