My Thoughts on the Science Fair (I didn't like it)

Were you part of the 21% of people who didn’t enjoy the science fair? I was. If you liked it, great. If you never did it, (lucky) let me tell you why I didn’t like it.

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35 responses to “My Thoughts on the Science Fair (I didn't like it)”

  1. Gacha life 123 Avatar

    My school had science WEEEK

  2. Charlotte MCCLURE Avatar

    btw im english soooooo…..

  3. Charlotte MCCLURE Avatar

    we have a choice to do it…. i like it

  4. Evan Andrew Pinca Avatar

    I wish that we have this in my school

  5. Talia Woodward Avatar

    We did the science fair but up until year 6 we had a choice I only did it once in preschool

  6. G and E fam Avatar

    I didn’t do it

  7. TicciShouto Avatar

    At my school we have the science fair but we have a choice to do it or not

  8. Joshua Nye Avatar

    James has to much power the power stone mist be given to him

  9. KittyQuinnAnimates ._. Avatar

    Fifth graders in my school had this choice on whether we wanted to go to the science fair or not (it was 1 day a week after school) and I chose "yes" because I like science. It got boring after 2 days and I decided not to show up (I practically dropped out) and my team got 2nd or 3rd place in the whole southern Arizona (I got VERY mad at myself lmao)

  10. Cookie Crunch Avatar

    Just like our esperiment in our school the difference were already grouped and all the ppl in that group worked together to perform it and all the kids had the same experiment


  11. seal lover Avatar

    I did not have but I had some thing a little same

  12. Ana Cassidy Avatar

    I got 1st place in all of my science fairs

  13. Maddox Obregon Avatar

    I HATED IT. >=(

  14. hermione LOL lps Avatar

    Easy I'm a straight-A student we do this stuff all the time

  15. • KimKakes _StudioZ • Avatar

    James: “Its a very American thing”
    Me: Lives in different country and has to do science fairs EVERY YEAR

    James sounds like a science teacher explaining everything btw

  16. EpicFireLlama SGG Avatar

    Yay I’m the lucky ones

    Edit I’m American why don’t I have it I’m in 4th grade I’m confused

  17. QWERTYJDAWG Avatar

    What hurts me the most is the obliviousness to the Brian Regan reference…

  18. Jocie Lynn Avatar

    I did the science fair is the worst thing ever!

  19. Lee Ramz Avatar

    We did it and i wrote the only thing that make sence

  20. SkylanderGod 239 Avatar

    Star wolf your lone wolf

  21. Yesi Rascon Avatar

    that must of suck because i am in 4grd and we do not do sience far

  22. Cookie xD Avatar

    6:14, am im the only one who saw Diet Cok Eruption in the corner (・Θ・)

  23. Link Is awesome Avatar

    I am a person who is going to do the science fair.

  24. Larahlylove Catself Avatar

    I DID Not do the fair and I am in 4th grade

  25. The Nifty Crafters Avatar

    We only doit from 7bth grade and im in 6ty

  26. BrownieChan Plays Avatar

    I didn't do the science fair

  27. hayden john Avatar

    Science fair breaths ahhhhhhh

  28. doglover 45 Avatar

    My skool does the science fair but u choose to do it so i never did it

  29. WEIRDo On Elm YEET?? Avatar

    I only did the science fair in sixth grade idk about the future :/))

  30. PinsPins Avatar

    Your friends with grian?

  31. Kristofer Martin Avatar

    You think i'm a nerd?

  32. Katie LaPreze Avatar

    i did not do because I am in kindergarten

  33. VeryRareJerBear Avatar

    In the animation: eye goes into mouth Me:yep that makes sense

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