Most AMAZING Experiments You Can Do At Home!

Check out the most amazing experiments you can do at home! This top 10 list of life hacks is awesome because you can DIY, even for kids! Try these cool science projects yourself and be a scientist!

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10. Invisible Ink
Who hasn’t pretended as kids to be a spy or investigator? Well, now you can make your own invisible ink. All you’ll need are Q-tips, blank sheets of paper, and lemon juice poured into little bowls. Dip the Q-tips into the bowls and use them like pens to write messages or draw pictures on the paper. Once you’re done, let the papers dry. To reveal the secrets on the page, you will need to heat the lemon juice. This can be done using an iron but using a candle is way more fun! Light the candle and hold the paper above the flame. Don’t let it touch the fire or your message will go up in smoke. As the lemon juice warms, it turns brown, and the message or drawing appears. Be patient as this method takes a little longer than using an iron. The science here is pretty simple. When heated, the carbon compounds in the juice breaks down and produces carbon, which is black or brown.
9. Citric Acid Eruptions
For this experiment, you’ll need clear hand soap, warm water, food coloring, citric acid, and baking soda. You could use lemon juice instead of citric acid but the eruption won’t be quite as dramatic. In small bowls, mix the hand soap, warm water, and food coloring. You can do as many bowls as you want! Then, add two tablespoons of baking soda and mix. Finally, you can add two tablespoons of the citric acid or lemon juice. You may have to adjust the amounts to get a full explosion but the end result should be pretty amazing! The reason for the reaction is because when baking soda and an acid are combined, they create carbon dioxide.
This is called an acid-base reaction. Who knew chemistry could be so fun?
8. Make an Electromagnet
To do this, you will need a large iron nail, about three inches, three feet of thinly coated copper wire, a fresh D battery, and some small paper clips or other metal objects. Take the metal nail and wrap it with the wire. Leave about 8 inches of wire loose at both ends and try not to overlap the wires. You may have to cut the wire. Now, remove about an inch of the plastic coating from both ends of the wire. Attach one wire to one end of the D battery and the other wire to the other end. It is best to tape the wires onto the battery but
be careful. The wire could get very hot. You now have an electromagnet! Put the point of the nail near a few paper clips; it should pick them up. This magnet will use up the battery quickly, which is why the battery may get warm. Be sure to disconnect the wires when you are done exploring. Most magnets, like the ones on
many refrigerators, cannot be deactivated. These are permanent magnets. Magnets like the one you made that can be turned on and off are called electromagnets because they are only magnetic when the electricity is flowing. The electricity flowing through the wire arranges the molecules in the nail so that they are attracted to certain metals. To make it a real experiment, try to affect the strength of the nail by increasing the number of times you wrap the wire around the nail. Or, you can try thicker and thinner nails or thicker and thinner wire.


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