Most Amazing Chemical Reactions U Can Do At Home.

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  1. Good Job. Maybe explain the reaction occurring. Viewer safety not your problem, it’s theirs, anyone who says otherwise is just plain wrong or trolling you due to their own dysfunctional understanding of personal responsibility.

  2. You are using HCl – an extremely hazardous and dangerous acid that can burn flesh off your bones without gloves and tell kids it's a safe do-it-at-home experiment?!!!!

  3. Just a note. If you are telling people (kids?) to do this at home, would you not tell them to at least wear safety glasses/ protective clothing/gloves??? How about doing these fire experiments under a hood too. It looked like a wooden desk was being used indoors. Is there a fire hazard or chance of injury here? HCl without gloves? Oh, "parental guidance" ???? Just the teacher in me.

  4. I dont know how I ended up on this video but I'd like to point out that the second reaction (HCl + Al) is releasing HCl gas (along with H2). Judging by the color of the HCl solution, you were probably using a very saturated solution. That reaction should be done outdoors. Definitely not the safest "At home chemical reaction"…you should probably mention the safety issues in the future.

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