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Healing by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under CC Attribution 3.0.
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26 responses to “MILK + SOAP = MAGIC”

  1. Sound Therapy Avatar

    safety is # what?

  2. moramarcos22 Avatar

    Is Chemical Change or Physical Change?

  3. Anupma Sahu Avatar

    I Got It! You have added a positive catalyst to increase the speed of the reaction

  4. Nagamma G. Nagamna Avatar

    what u have keep in that at last I think that honey or glue

  5. Manny Lopez Avatar

    Hey can you explain what happens in a chemical reaction when you mix energy drinks with milk?

  6. Suresh Goyal Avatar

    Nice video. I love your videos

  7. Bao Luutan Avatar

    how 2 make MaGiC

  8. karisma torres Avatar

    that is so amazing

  9. Wendell Reed Avatar

    Very beautiful.
    It is good that we are surrounded with such beauty. Thank you for putting it in for us. Marti Reed

  10. tour with Ritik Das Avatar

    how to make a fog with the freezer ice

  11. Ramesh Babu Avatar

    very interested

  12. Abdul Hadi Avatar

    can we add postal color instead of food colors

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