Measuring vitamin C in food – a global experiment

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Please note the following correction: in the table at 5:13, the answer to the final calculation, the mass of vitamin C in milligrams per gram of food, should be 0.11 (not 0.37 as stated in the table).

The demonstration video showing how to take part in ‘measuring vitamin C in food – a global experiment’. The video lists the equipment, the simple procedure and shows you how to enter your data to see the global picture


32 thought on “Measuring vitamin C in food – a global experiment”

  1. How can vitamin C be measured without identifying it? You have no idea what vitamin C to be able to "measure" it. This was just a chemical reaction. It seems no one on the internet can identify any vitamins, yet claim they can measure them? Makes no sense lol

  2. hey i have to find vitamin a and vitamin c content in few frozen vegetables and fruits can you pleasee tell me in which form i should freeze them? like okra should i freeze it in raw form??? and what about corn and peas??

  3. hi, I am a little confused, where did you get the Mass of vitamin C in milligrams per gram of food = 0.37 mg/g in minute 5:13. Because there is says
    so 0.36 x 0.31=0.11
    so its equal to 0.11 an not 0.37

  4. Hello, thanks for sharing. I am trying the analyze the vitamine C in black peppers. I just wonder if there is any extraction before analysing or just powedering the black peppers? Thanks in advance for your answer..

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