Making Nylon

A chemical demonstration of the synthesis of nylon in Carleton University’s CHEM 1000 course. Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.


50 thoughts on “Making Nylon

  1. This may sound like a silly question, however I am attempting to recreate this experiment without making too much or too little nylon. Approximately how much of each liquid did you use?

  2. Isn't the acyl chloride used rather than the acid for that kind of demo? I can hardly see a carboxylic acid reacting with an amine to make an amide without some sort of thermodynamic help.

  3. as far as my knowledge is concerned from reliable source,and no offence to Japanese,because it had great potential in its use for the war,…it is the initials of the following:

    they did not have a name for this new chemical formula that produced it,…check it out

  4. @XTwina Since the reaction takes place at the border of the two liquids, agitation will cause the solution to react in the entire volume. The result is a mass of nylon that looks not unlike a phlegm ball from an elephant.

  5. @endospores Actually, he didn't use sebacoyl chloride in this reaction. Besides, it can't form an aqueous solution because it actually reacts with water. He said he used a di-acid, either adipic acid or sebacic acid.

  6. If you have the mixture of the diamine and dicarbonyl and just stir it up, they will just react all together, not at a nice thin layer like here

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