Making Chemistry Fun with Real Lab Equipment

Let kids feel like real scientists by getting real chemistry equipment for fun projects. This video gives suggestions for what tools you need. Visit for more.


17 thought on “Making Chemistry Fun with Real Lab Equipment”

  1. That girl had no idea of what "appropriate volume " is.She's gonna cause a gigantic BOOM while using that amount of KNO3 or other oxidising regents

  2. No… I just find that if your words are true, that one of your main reactions to chemistry must be blowing stuff up. You may not do this, its just what I gather, so Im sorry if I misjudged you.

  3. I find it rather comical that we have to get kids interested in chemistry by giving them lab glass rather than having them get excited about the natural sciences because it is fun… I do myself have lots of lab glass, but I expanded past the point where I could only use house hold items and got very serious about conducting experiments. A real scientist is one who will explore science because he/she loves it and will willingly practice it for fun, no matter if he/she has lab glass.

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