Make Litmus Paper from A4 Paper at home by yourself – DIY

The main use of litmus paper is to test whether a solution is acidic or basic. In this video we made violet litmus paper. Our Litmus paper turns red under acidic conditions and turns green under basics conditions. You can use it in your chemistry experiments at school and wonder everyone.
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Make Litmus Paper at home by yourself and try it with acid and basics ( you can use vinegar as an acid and Ammonia as a basics )

Hope you find it useful and enjoy it.
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4 responses to “Make Litmus Paper from A4 Paper at home by yourself – DIY”

  1. Gamer Kitty Avatar

    Okay I'm getting pretty scared from citrus fruits now…

  2. menem eldinali Avatar

    but Ammonia didn't turn to blue

  3. Arif Choudhury Avatar

    What is the name of the vegetable that is bringle colour you used at first


    ur videos r damn good Lol.
    I fall love with your channel

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