Make a "Matchless" Survival Fire Kit

How to start a survival fire without matches, using chemistry!

Some quick links to a few of the materials I used:

[✓] Pot Perm:
[✓] Glycerin:

If you like this, check out “How To Make a Floating Hot Tub” by Cottage Life:

How to make Char Cloth: Fire with Water: Nitrogen: Rockets: Piston: Soil:
The survival pouch you see in this video is from
They have a YouTube channel on survival and prepping as well:

Endcard Links:

Liquid Nitrogen:
Paper Rockets:
Fire Piston:
Super Soil:

See What Else I’m Up To:


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This project involves chemicals that can stain, burn, and damage your skin. KMnO4 should not be ingested, and can be fatal if swallowed. This experiment is mainly for demonstrational purposes and should only be attempted with adult supervision and adequate training. Use of this video content is at your own risk.

Music By: Scott & Brendo (“The World Turns” — Instrumental)

Project Inspired By:

A chemical experiment I saw by the famous YouTube chemist, NurdRage “4 ways to make fire without matches by using chemistry”: (If you check out this video, please leave him a comment that you came from Grant Thompson’s channel and that I gave him credit for the idea 🙂 Thank you! (

Project History & More Info:

I took the classic science demonstration of using Glycerin and KMnO4, and played with the idea of using it as an alternate starter for survival situations. As it turns out, each chemical can be valuable for survival situations on it’s own. But mix them together and you get the added benefit of starting a fire, even if your matches are wet.

I’ve wanted to demonstrate this chemical experiment for years. It is fairly common and there are plenty of demonstrations already on YouTube, but is always shown the same way .. someone mixing the two chemicals together on a plate or dish.

I wanted to see if this reaction could be used for something more practical, so I took it to the woods and experimented with survival fires.

For the container, I used the soda cap containers I made in a previous project: ( These are lightweight, and keep the chemicals well separated, as long as they are made correctly. But beware, there could be great danger and big messes to clean up using poorly made containers!

This idea could be used for hiking, biking or survival situations. The little packs are lightweight and hold enough chemicals to start 2-4 fires each.

When the two chemicals spontaneously combust, they throw off a beautiful pink and purple flame. Most impressively, the reaction can still work even if the mixture is wet.



37 responses to “Make a "Matchless" Survival Fire Kit”

  1. Rahul Gautam Avatar

    Better to take lighter it can be used many times

  2. Junjun Avatar

    Ohh man. When he drinks it. We miss you, man.

  3. Paul McCourt Avatar

    What a GENIUS!
    Make a little Fireplace with a circle of rocks, and have an even BIGGER one outside the circle! ONLY THE ENTIRE FOREST!!
    Sure, make a circle of stones, then totally CLEAR THE AREA AROUND THE CIRCLE about 2 Feet around it!
    If that Chemical Reaction, or even just the Fire itself, spat some sparks out into the Leaves? Not my fault mate! You're the one showing us how to burn a Forest down.
    I'm not being nasty or anything!
    It's Hilarious seeing people doing things without thinking first.
    Great idea, but, you showed us the Dangerous version! Especially leaving all those Leaves around the Firecircle.

  4. t g Avatar

    Freaking awesome

  5. M 998 HMMWV Avatar

    Wont take long before some fool misuses this..

  6. Sonny Kane Avatar

    It do not weigh 1once the cap on it weigh something too lol

  7. sss mmm Avatar

    Lucky you are to be able to buy potassium permanganate freely. Here it's forbidden to sell it.

  8. Rommel Romero Avatar

    We, random citizens, missing you so much! Hail the King!

  9. Benjimen Franklin Avatar

    A Bic lighter would be a lot cheaper and safer too. Not to mention easier.

  10. Ottawa Mike Avatar

    BIC Lighter, nothing better

  11. Max Fir3 Avatar

    Check out Bushcraft survival. I'm not apart of it. Just a fan. He would love you

  12. William Felipe Frozza Avatar

    Uso isso sempre na mochila de pesca, e esses dias precisei usar, funcionou muito bem

  13. straight edge reviews Avatar

    Dude rocks very thorough and simply explains things

  14. DG Avatar

    It's too windy to use matches so use powder instead. Hahaha

  15. John Miranda Avatar

    or, use waterproof matches

  16. German Villarreal Avatar

    My matchless survival kit is just a lighter

  17. Bryan Tansy Avatar

    That's why I carry a flame thrower in my truck every winter.

  18. John Warren Avatar

    Perhaps you can use products over-the-counter and mix them and get the same result if you know what the chemicals are

  19. John Warren Avatar

    What exactly are the chemicals not just what the sold as what are the chemicals

  20. Who Cares Avatar

    This mix is dependant on temperature the warmer the better.

  21. C J Bowen Avatar

    u will be missed k o r.

  22. super_steven_ 17 Avatar


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