Just 1 Water + 6 Candle and Amazing Science Experiments At Home | Fire Collection

With one of the most popular experiments everyone has known, i started to find out what would happened if we put more candles in the same jar.

The final result have shown an interesting thing that the rate of change would decrease if we burn more candles. from the data table we could also make Graphs of Polynomial Functions for given experiment.

Thanks for reading and watching. 🙂
Fire Collection
Binh Pham
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14 responses to “Just 1 Water + 6 Candle and Amazing Science Experiments At Home | Fire Collection”

  1. rmaco Avatar

    I believe if you measured the vacuum or pressure difference between inside and out side you would see a linear graph.

  2. Hung Okata Avatar

    I love your videos, but these candles that you used didn’t have the same volume each candle, I mean they didn’t have the same shape, so your data can be affected by this factor 🙂

  3. Всяко Разно Avatar

    Hey Fire Collection, i love science too ! please take a look at my channel 🙂

  4. The Sweet Toys Avatar

    combustion needs oxygen. when you cover the candle with the glass, the flame extinguishes as the oxygen in the glass that supports the burning runs out. about 20% of the air (ie oxygen) has been used up leaving some empty space in the glass, therefore the air pressure outside the glass is higher than that in the glass, thus pushing the water into the glass to balance the pressure. at least that was what i learnt in school.

  5. fire collection Avatar

    what do you think about this experiment ? how do you explain why the equation is n't linear ? 🙂

  6. MuddiedShoesExplorer Avatar

    Hey, Fire Collection I was looking through your videos and I love your enthusiasm for science. I just subscribed I hope to see more of your work 🙂

  7. Funny Cartoons Avatar

    i did that experiment and i like it

  8. 7 Online For Kids Avatar

    I subbed, please sub me back :))

  9. 7 Online For Kids Avatar

    excuse me, what is the blue liquid is? and how it related to air pressure? any equation? Could u please answer my questions because Im very curious. Thanks for showing this is a cool experiment.

  10. Terror DragonBallS Avatar

    nice experiment! but how do you explain what happened? I need it in my science project.. PLEASE HEKP MEEE ^___^ need it asap :))

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