Insane 20000 Matches Chain Reaction Domino Effect

Cannon Shoots 19000 Matches! Matches Chain Reaction Experiment! Amazing Fire Domino!

In this experiment i built a cannon made from pine wood and matches. I used 7250 matchsticks for the cannon and 19250 as the munition. The black powder you see in the video is used for science experiments in schools. But you should NEVER try this at home without professional supervision! I made this video because i would like to entertain you. Nothing else!

The video costs me $70 and 2 weeks.
I spent:
-10 hours with the research about the ingredients
-15 hours to build the cannon
-5 hours with cutting the 19000 matches in half
– 3 hours to prepare for the shoot scenes
– 6 hours to find copyright free music (this is why i hate this part of the work the most! No matter which music i choose. 20% of people will hate it)
– 5 hours with editing the video
– 1 hour with this description/tags/title

I drove about 200 miles to buy everything i need for this video.
I burned about 200 matches by the time i finally made the perfect picture for the thumbnail and i choosed this one from about 70 pictures.
The nightmode scene was made at 11:30pm

Once again, Please Dont try this at home guys! 🙂 Love you
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Thank you for the Music: Cephelopod – Cephelopod by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



37 responses to “Insane 20000 Matches Chain Reaction Domino Effect”

  1. scubs sdinc Avatar

    I can try this at my friend's house?

  2. Maria M. Moore Avatar

    now use real gunpowder 🙂

  3. Bent Ice Avatar

    My favorite part of the video?

    c h e r r y t r e e

  4. ben twenty Avatar

    its fine dont try this at home at least only home i can still do it like in my neighbours home enemies home like in the middle of the road in a mall and many more

  5. Sergeant Peppers Avatar

    When I was in the Army back in the 1980's, every morning when the flag was raised and every evening when the flag was lowered, we would shoot off a howitzer with a 12 gauge shotgun shell blank. If you didn't look down the barrel before you shot it, sometimes a tennis ball would fly out and go flying over the new million dollar gym.

    Ahhhhhh, good times.

  6. Ari_Zona Avatar

    Man watching you build these things is amazing. Your creativity is awesome dude

  7. Thirdie Dinauto Avatar


  8. Charles Bennett Avatar

    Where the heck are you getting all those matches XD amazing work man

  9. ever S Avatar

    Where you from???

  10. Alessandro O'Hara Avatar

    You should have put the matches in first then the powder

  11. Meme Lord Avatar

    I watched this after the dragon video and I learned that u are the god of matches

  12. Ben McCaleb IV Avatar

    You're amazing,I love you, and keep doing this

  13. Donald Sukhnanan Avatar

    Love your videos, skills man

  14. akos kovacs Avatar

    sir god it is very cool

  15. roycc07 Avatar

    awesome creation! thanks for the entertaining project!

  16. Amanda Clauer Avatar

    Awsome!!! That was a really cool reaction!!

  17. mjvs 809 Avatar

    Its tiring just making the wheel. I wonder how many hours does this work needs?

  18. Death Sagittarius Avatar

    This needs a lot more views,
    appreciate the amount of time and work u put in this activity ,mosko

  19. Liviu Davidescu Avatar

    You really like your matches don't ya, lad? JK, really like your dedication!

  20. Melissa Nossaman Avatar

    I think since you like the Avengers so much that your next project could be the infinity gauntlet. What do you think?

  21. REXMODE Avatar

    Let’s get him to hit 1 million subscribers I know we can do it!!!

  22. Kerry Earles Avatar

    And btw I love ur vids and I have subscribed and liked all ur vids!

  23. Kerry Earles Avatar

    Shooting 1 it looked like it was breathing fire!

  24. VicMa ArbJa Avatar

    Shooting 3 was awesome in slow motion. Also, I think day mode is better.

  25. mrslipknot1827 Avatar

    Thank you for the time, dedication and effort it takes for you to bring us these great vids. Keep up the great work.

  26. Rhonda Friedman Avatar

    Great talent! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Rich Bragiel Avatar

    Your videos are always sooo c

  28. Aaron Culbertson Avatar

    its more of a flamethrower

  29. Nathen Ayres Avatar

    I love how he gives all of the information for what went into the video in his descriptions!

  30. NGUYEN THI THUY Avatar

    The s you are best youtuber see

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