Hydro Electric Science Fair Project – Part of the 2015 Google Science Fair promo

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NEW – A short clip of this video is now part of the 2015 Google science Fair promo.
Check it out.

This project was used to test how water pressure (PSI) would affect Hydro electric output. We simulated this with locating Penstocks near the bottom ( higher pressure) and middle (lower pressure) of a 5 gallon bucket.
Our hypothesis is that the penstock at the bottom with greater pressure will = higher energy output
We matched the inflow of water with the outflow and also measured and maintained the fall or “head” from the penstock to the turbine, so water pressure alone was measured.
We managed approx 1.98v on Multimeter from the bottom penstock and 1.57v from the middle.
Bottom penstock = .4694 PSI
Middle penstock – .2347 PSI
Our conclusion is more PSI = more power output.
Head, or the pressure of falling water is created by vertically locating the turbine well below the intake of the penstock.
Our next experiment will be testing a high head vs. low head dam for energy production.


45 thought on “Hydro Electric Science Fair Project – Part of the 2015 Google Science Fair promo”

  1. I think you have more water pressure at the bottom outlet due to the weight of the water in the bucket creating pressure.
    Awesome experiment kid! You are the future!

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