How To Test Your Own Blood Groups ?

This video will guide you on how to test your own blood group at home with the help of the fluids. These are actually anti body to A, B and D (which is Rh factor). So here we will test the blood groups by using our solutions. So I pricked my finger, put 3 drops of blood on slide and then solution was put in form of drop. Then the drops are mixed. Then see for agglutination reaction in form of clumping. Then compare with the pics given in the video and see how different blood groups look like. My blood group is B-ve.



27 responses to “How To Test Your Own Blood Groups ?”


    what is anti A,anti B, anti D???pls say

  2. Robert Higgins Avatar

    what was the solution used to mix the blood?

  3. Lokeshwari Nanda Kumar Avatar

    Nice its very helpful for me

  4. Omkar Dhanawade Avatar

    Which dog is perfect …Saint bernard doberman man

  5. Volkan Birgin Avatar

    my blood group is O+

  6. Nandhitha Sudheer Avatar

    Thank you Dr.Vikram

  7. Shahidul Islam Avatar

    Thanks sir it may helps for our physiology practical exams.

  8. faisal rashid Avatar

    I like it . and am happy that .my blood group is (O)Nagitive

  9. Aryan Adhikari Avatar

    from where can i buy this anti liquids

  10. agnes chan Avatar

    but you dont do the reverse blood grouping

  11. J L Avatar

    not good enough

  12. strong woman Avatar

    thanks alot❤
    help me alot in my physiological lab

  13. Odesk worker Avatar

    sound so slow sir …please Loud your sound……………….

  14. 皈依成佛 Avatar

    you is b blood type?

  15. SP95 ntR Avatar

    if some doctor by mistake mixes all the three chemicals and insert it in the body of patient via syringe, what will happen ?????? I this patients expressions will tell what blood group he has !!!!!!

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