How To Make Your Own Salt Crystals – Cool Science Experiments with Home Science

Beautiful Blue Crystal and how to make them – Cool Chemical Experiments
In this video I will show you how to grow beautiful crystal from any salt. This time I used Copper(II) Sulfate Pentahydrate CuSO4.5H2O.

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33 responses to “How To Make Your Own Salt Crystals – Cool Science Experiments with Home Science”

  1. Izzy :3 Avatar

    I did this in my science class and im in 7th grade UK

  2. Retarda930 Avatar

    Whats this stoun ?crystal salt or blue chemicaly OOP?wtf

  3. Kerbal Nerd 123 Avatar


  4. Diane Lin Avatar

    How toxic is it? What will happen if you touch it by accident?

  5. Diane Lin Avatar

    How can you be sure the nail polish will protect? What if there's some parts that you missed painting? What if it happens to come off somehow?

  6. blue blade Avatar

    hot or boiled water?

  7. bjarke lillie Avatar

    lol in chemistry we did something like this with copper sulfat too

  8. Axelgaksel Avatar

    Made the exact crystals in school

  9. dev sood Avatar

    from where to get the copper sulphate pentahydrate

  10. Najiya Nlate Avatar

    One new subscriber!

  11. Βασίλης κεστεκίδης Avatar

    does it have to be deionized or regular water? i did it with deionized and nothing happend.

  12. Ryan S Avatar

    The ingredients are only hot water and copper(||) sulfate pentahydrate?

  13. melissa hansen Avatar

    I did this in school and I mixed 3 different powders together and then it exploded!

  14. Vedraj r.m Avatar

    I'm suprised that tiny crystals didn't form on the String

  15. Simply Shashwat Avatar

    From where do you get that transparent nail polish?

  16. gamer blues Avatar

    do you mean just any clear nail polish or is their a specific one?

  17. BornToBeSarah Avatar

    Do you have to filter the water? Can you use food coloring?

  18. Angela Cataño Avatar

    muy vacano mero teso

  19. VEVOnesia Avatar

    would it be okay if i put them to decorate my fish tank after it polished?

  20. Vansh Vora Avatar

    is there a substitute for copper 2 oxide?

  21. Peridot is Bae Avatar

    as a certified kindergartner, I approve

  22. Larry Can't Die Avatar

    como fazer uma pedra filosofal

  23. Obed Arana Avatar

    It's called salt bacause it has most of the components of salt

  24. Ngọc Bùi Avatar

    we need to put it in the fridge,right?

  25. Genadi Kyne Avatar

    Is it dangerous?

  26. ~KIata Moon~ Avatar

    It says "Home Science" but some fo the needed items in here are things you'd need to buy on the internet.

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