How to Make Water Purifier – Homemade

Hello Friends, in this video i will show you How to Make Water Purifier. I hope everyone like this video. Thank you for watching!!

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29 responses to “How to Make Water Purifier – Homemade”

  1. chavda hasti Avatar

    In how much day we need to change the charcoal n sand n cotton ?

  2. dharmendra kumar Avatar

    Sir your experiment is wrong

  3. Rajesh S Avatar

    nice video for the fresh researchers and also ease to understand for the school kids too.

  4. navdeep singh Avatar

    which type charcoal yoy use plz tell me?

  5. Dandahermit Seals Avatar

    Where did u get that meter? That's a nice way to make the oldest proven wTer filter. Nice job.

  6. Neeraj Dhiman Avatar

    What is natural sand here . Plz explain briefly about natural sand

  7. Archana Berad Avatar

    Sir how you have done dirty water please tell me fast

  8. Joan HAMLIN Avatar

    NO! I wouldn't trust this for anything. I have no idea what that measuring tool is, but I can tell you that microbes are so tiny, there is no way that they could be filtered out by these primitive methods. Sure, the water may look colorless, but plain dirt & sand won't kill you. It's the things that you can't see: viruses, bacteria, sometimes solvents, etc. This isan irresponsible piece of trash. Could get people killed.

  9. NL 65 Avatar

    It seems to me how to make a very beautiful and important job very easy today

  10. Logic Tech & Tricks Avatar

    all your projects are amazing. Anybaby interested in homemade projects, please visit or search Logic Tech & Tricks (Youtube chanel).



  12. Tarhlfn Avatar

    coulda used a smaller spoon to scoop that charcoal……..damn

  13. Colleen Forrest Avatar

    Don't forget to bake the sand first to kill any microbes

  14. Rockyj Jones Avatar

    How many gallons will it purefy?

  15. Michael Wolff Avatar

    Not necessarily chemically safe nor biologically safe.
    Biological would be the easy fix here. Boil it after this.
    Not a bad system, just very basic clearing. Most survival manuals have similar plans.

  16. T Dodak Avatar

    GAC and sand/cotton do not remove impurities from the water. Yes it will remove chlorine.

  17. Rahim Tamboli Avatar

    Wrong treatment
    Only dirt clean water not a tds reduse

  18. Harsh Jain Avatar

    How did the water reach to the other container when you hot glued the bottle?

  19. Vi Spencer Avatar

    Maybe reticle this "How to P R O L O N G a video"

  20. Bhavikaben Mgohil Avatar

    This is not successful

  21. Jim Viau Avatar

    I wonder if it actually filter hormone disrupters emanating from the plastics?

  22. Ashkeen Ahmed Avatar

    After how many days we should replace it

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