How to Make Magnetic Slime – Science Experiment

Make magnetic slime using Elmers PVA glue. Add iron filings and watch what happens when you introduce a magnet. Simple and fun science experiment. The neodymium magnets are really strong. Make Fun Things:

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26 responses to “How to Make Magnetic Slime – Science Experiment”

  1. Ralph Diaz Avatar

    Looks like shampo

  2. Randall Ou Avatar

    Every video has a "pretty cool huh?" nvm this comment is going to be forgotten anyway 😛

  3. BethArts Art&Paint Avatar

    3,082,309 im that subscriber

  4. Aoife murphy Avatar

    how many times does he say 'Pretty cool, Huh?' in one video

  5. Szixi Gaming Avatar

    PvE glue???? wuuuut

  6. Transformation Gaming Avatar

    Davehax instead of DIY can you make a show your face video

  7. Noah Luis Wiscovitch Avatar


  8. Mr Pero Avatar

    Like a nuclear explosion haha

  9. Julie Dymond Avatar

    "Pretty cool, huh?"

    watches another video


  10. the killer Brits Avatar

    what if you kept the slime with no iron stuff and put food coloring in

  11. MountainDewLord Avatar

    His catchphrase "Pretty cool huh?"

  12. Mała Zołza Avatar

    Pretty cool, huh?..

  13. Jhoana Mauro Avatar

    Hina kagivama,are u even thinking, if the so many iron filing then the slime will be stuck on the magnet because there is so many iron filings

  14. Rage Coder Avatar

    so this is how to make color changing magnetic poop

  15. Outo Pelaaja Avatar

    Pretty cool huh?

  16. Jett Smith Avatar

    3:36 i have speeded it up?

  17. Marox is Here Avatar

    Pretty cool ah?

  18. ernalyn santiago Avatar

    it's still gonna stick without the magnetic flings you know

  19. True_ _Number461 Avatar

    Could you use oxi clean

  20. 196808TORITO Avatar

    I did that when I was in kinder

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