How to Make Glow Chemical | Science Experiment

In this video i am going to show you guys, How to make a Neon Glow Chemical at you home.

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Glow Effect contain chemicals. Not deadly dangerous chemicals, but chemicals that should be handled and treated with respect and Adult Supervision.
Some glow products use a chemical called dibutyl phthalate.
Other glow products contain a small glass vial inside the plastic tube that contains a mixture of hydrogen peroxide in phthalic ester.
Outside of the glass vial is another chemical called phenyl oxalate ester.

These chemicals can sting and burn eyes, irritate and sting skin and can burn the mouth and throat if ingested.
If the chemicals are ingested or spilled in the eyes or on the skin,
it is recommended the area is rinsed with water and the local poison control center contacted.

Note: Don’t Eat the Food after you dip in to the Chemical.

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21 responses to “How to Make Glow Chemical | Science Experiment”

  1. sai sanjay Avatar

    We tried it but we didn't got it

  2. Ryan B Avatar

    im pretty sure this is fake fruit do not absorb chemicals as fast as that especially if thay still have there skin like the strawberry did


    Can u tell what is pthalic drops….

  4. Clash - A - Knight Avatar

    Plz tell me if this is real , i have a school project

  5. VEDANT PAWAR Avatar

    Could you explain that how does the edible items dipped in it glows
    And what reaction takes place in the liquid

  6. Vidya Ghag Avatar

    From where you got those chemicals

  7. Rajeswari Maddala Avatar

    Can we store that liquid shown in the video

  8. Mann Gupta Avatar

    Sir mere project ka Budget 1000 tak ka hai kya ye ban sakta hai itne me

  9. Mann Gupta Avatar

    I want to ask ye dibutlat pathalate apne kaha se liya

  10. vk 16 Avatar

    How to order dibutyl phthalate chemical…. Plz Ans.

  11. Amber Tariq Avatar

    Sir , plzz tell us the quantity of its each components ….ASPA..plzzzz

  12. Garimella Radha Manohar Avatar

    May i know chemistry behind this experiment?

  13. Oliver Myatt-Franklin Avatar

    fake the banana looks edited

  14. Thais Marques Avatar

    Where can I buy phtalic drops?

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