How to Make Ferrofluid at Home | Science Experiments | Chemistry

How to Make Ferrofluid at Home | Science Experiments, in this chemistry tutorial how to make homemade ferrofluid a DIY for kids on magnetism and can be made to the science fair.





24 responses to “How to Make Ferrofluid at Home | Science Experiments | Chemistry”

  1. CreeperMan Avatar

    on the start i thought he is making weed

  2. Marichu  Milward Avatar

    and he burnt steel wool

  3. Marichu  Milward Avatar

    you cant mix it with water

  4. Marichu  Milward Avatar

    you can use normal oil

  5. Marichu  Milward Avatar

    you cant use charcoal

  6. Declan Tolmay Avatar

    could you use normal oil

  7. Kaye Seol Avatar

    can you mix it with water?

  8. worddunlap Avatar

    If burned in a vacuum it makes a much better fluid,

  9. Der Nachmacher Avatar

    This ist not Ferrofluid

  10. Jade Sarlonade Avatar

    what's the music?

  11. Ahnaf Zohin Riddhi Avatar

    what is the thing which you burned

  12. Najlaa Alansari Avatar

    Why there are no instructions 

  13. Pryanka Rasa Avatar

    what are the supplies you need??

  14. Malakai Tabios Avatar

    What's vegetal oil

  15. Ruben Hulsewe Avatar

    Soooo… That weird wool thing… is that steel-wool?(Don't know how to say it in EN)

  16. Collin Kreider Avatar

    Thats not ferrofluid thats normal metal with oil 😀 look on the internet whats ferrofluid please… in ferrofluid the metal holds the oil 

  17. Jowobo Mayers Avatar

    Use toner instead of metal wool

  18. MistahOutcawlerGames Avatar

    What is that gray stuff you burn?

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