How to make Distilled Water


The distilled water is very pure water & its pH is 7, which is neutral; however this distilled water may be difficult to obtain due to carbon-dioxide that dissolves in the distilled water, making it acidic; there are ways to neutralize the distilled water if this occurs.

Due to the dissolved carbon-dioxide, the acidic distilled water may become absorbent; it may absorb toxins & nutrients in the body if you ingest it.

For those who like written directions:
1. Fill stainless steel pot 1/4 with tap water.
2. Place fire-proof glass bowl on water so it is floating.
3. Turn glass lid upside down on pot & fill with ice, cold water, or icepacks.
4. Turn on stove until water in pot comes to boil, then let it simmer; do not allow water in glass bowl to come to a bowl; if it does, lower the temperature.
Keep adding water, ice, or icepacks on the lid when it turns warm/hot, until you’ve collected your amount of distilled water.

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