How to make cotton candy – Bytesize Science

So what is cotton candy? Watch as University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor of Food Engineering Richard Hartel explains how to spin piping-hot melted sugar into tasty threads, eventually cooling off and forming cotton candy.



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  1. blanksushi Avatar


  2. Stevbo Avatar

    0:32 because cotton candy machines are funny

  3. Hemant Kuruva Avatar

    I'm gonna dislike this only so that the video producers know that it isn't a good idea to add a random laugh track.

  4. Spygineer Avatar

    oh yes, i laugh too when someone turns on a machine tool

  5. Alec Akin Avatar

    I thought I had finally lost my marbles and went off the deep end when I heard the laugh track and didn't realize it was this video

  6. flying horse Avatar

    "I'm gonna turn the motor on"
    Hilarious ! How did he come up with that stuff

  7. Ramiro Ochoa Avatar

    Wjy the F is there a laugh track? The video is actually very educational and that laugh track ruined and discredited it.

  8. SladeBallard Avatar

    man I fucking love tne laugh tracks

  9. Elaine Kabucho Avatar

    I love the laugh track!!!

  10. 1RV34 Avatar

    guy did fantastic job explaining things

    but whoever edited this should be fired tbh

  11. Steven Brodie Avatar

    Who did the editing, Tim and Eric?

  12. Jack Warren Avatar

    nice and simple, thats how i like it.

  13. kryztyn127 Avatar

    Wtf. So cotton candy is just sugar reheated?!

  14. GeomDash25 Roblox and Geometry Dash Avatar

    How to make cotton candy:
    1. Go to the sky and grab a handful of clouds.
    2. Add any flavor.
    3. Done!

  15. Elijah Avatar

    Who else is eating cotton candy while watching

  16. yippie cienna Avatar

    this was so funny because of the laugh track

  17. Dwekki Avatar

    what the heck are those laugh tracks? and the like OOOOO AAAHHH sounds like they on drugs

  18. Abdul Ghani Avatar

    i never seen this one since 2009 (my elementary school year) lol
    laugh track sound nice i want to kill them *hahhaha:v

  19. Kremit The Frog’s Brother Avatar

    5 years ago? Welp, R.I.P. my comment ideas

  20. Betty Jane Kali Avatar

    Can you use regular sugar for cotton candy machine

  21. Alina Vaysfligel Avatar

    omg, the "center of a spinning device?" that is the fecking funniest thing i have ever heard XD! and then..oh god XD..and then he turned the motor on and i almost fell from my chair! jeeberz the hilarity of it all..i can't even!

  22. Mary Rose Avatar

    Basically it's sugar, in the form of cotton

  23. Vince Serna Avatar

    I never dislike videos. had to dislike this because of the laugh track. that was so last century. smh

  24. Kimberly Alexys Avatar

    Why the fuck is there a laugh shit playing

  25. Tarrabyte Avatar

    Why is there a laugh track?

  26. Barış Elçi Avatar

    I thought I left another youtube tab running…

  27. MiraCleTV Avatar

    Ok so why tf they laughing at his???

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