How To Make Clay at Home for Kids – Kids Science Experiments

Welcome to Champak SciQ, where we teach you simple science experiments which you can do it at home. It’s so easy to make your own play dough at home.

You will need:
1. Bread Crums
2. Empty Bowl
3. Glue
4. Water

Watch the full video to learn more.

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34 responses to “How To Make Clay at Home for Kids – Kids Science Experiments”

  1. Ghulam Mohidin Avatar

    I don't not like it

  2. sardar ji bara Avatar

    Whan we add more water what we do

  3. asif bro Avatar

    how to make more clay at one time ?

  4. Mamta Gautam Avatar

    What is the bread crumbs??

  5. Javangula Sachinandan Avatar

    what type of clay must b used

  6. Devender Lahri Avatar

    What is bread crumbs

  7. Avyukta Koparde Avatar

    the wrostest video every l isen in my whoel life.

  8. Balram Keshri Avatar

    if we do not play with it will be harden i think

  9. Prabhakaran Rajasekaran Avatar

    it is so cool for me.
    put hair oil to moisturize it.

  10. Prabhakaran Rajasekaran Avatar

    after I get bread crumbs I will try it.
    I think it will turn out cool

  11. ARYAN CHAHAL Avatar

    what is bread crumbs?

  12. RAJVI THAKKAR Avatar

    bread crumbs means…?

  13. Anonymous Avatar

    Could you use sand instead of bread crumbs

  14. Garima Sethia Avatar

    does it stay for long without fungus

  15. amazing crafts Avatar

    what is bread crumbs?

  16. Full of Fun Avatar

    i don't like this you cheater

  17. Steve Eisenhower Eisenhower Avatar

    I'm making a collection of mlp now of my ocs

  18. Merin Thomas Avatar

    how the color is there in the clay

  19. Andrew Varghese Avatar

    can you please make a video on plate tectonic something like a working model or basically anything .

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