How to Make an Electric Table Fan using Bottle – Easy Way

DIY : Learn how to make a table fan from used plastic bottle, one motor, battery and switch. Its very simple homemade table fan.

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Glue used in this video :

Its Physics working models for science exhibition.

Thank you for watching crazy NK !!!!!!!!



47 responses to “How to Make an Electric Table Fan using Bottle – Easy Way”

  1. Prince Bhakodiya Avatar

    switch ka dusra wayar kaha pe hai

  2. Fatima Abro Avatar

    eletrical konsa matrial hai ??

  3. Gias Uddin Avatar

    You might die

  4. radhika mallidi Avatar

    Interesting, useful in future

  5. Gyanendra Singh Avatar

    Excellent Exciting opportunity

  6. Ch S Avatar

    nice job..
    prr tumne material ki list nhi btaayi…kya kitne volt ka lena…
    yha dtl to do…dear

  7. Shiv Kumar Avatar

    write name who is used in this project

  8. sahil sahil Avatar

    I want to make fan strip with using plastic bottle

  9. Irfan Sohan Avatar


  10. Afrin Juthi Avatar

    where are you doing

  11. Sameeksha Singh Avatar

    can you tell me what things are needed for this please…

  12. Mukesh Kumar Avatar

    we all have mind but they were use why

  13. be a engineer Avatar

    from where u got the motor

  14. Anshika Anshika Avatar

    very very good maker in home science

  15. ArtsHint Avatar

    This motor will drain out all the battery in fraction of second

  16. Joel Donald Avatar

    How can I get the material used to power the fan

  17. Muskan Latkar Avatar

    what did you use before battery

  18. Muskan Latkar Avatar

    what did you use before battery

  19. انس ولويل Avatar

    Fuck your sister…you son of a bitch

  20. Ashok Sen Ashok Sen Avatar


  21. chandra sekhar Avatar

    I have subscribed

  22. Aditya Seware Avatar

    very much better

  23. shahzain channa Avatar

    sir which glue do you use

  24. Md RASEL Islam Avatar

    ai batase machi o urbo ns

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