How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner at home – Simple

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Things required for making a Vacuum Cleaner
1. 12V DC Motor
2. 12V Battery
3. Plastic Bottle
4. Plastic Container
5. Cardboard Sheet
6. Electric wire
7. On/Off Switch
8. Flexible pipe
9. Cloth

In Vacuum clear the blades will be designed in such a way that when motor runs air is pulled into the vacuum cleaner, this low pressure creates the suction and pulls the dust and dirt particles.
In this video you will learn how to make a mini Vacuum cleaner by yourself. Enjoy doing this project.

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  1. Prashanth s Avatar

    its osm.. i tzz workzz

  2. Prashanth s Avatar

    its osm.. i tzz workzz

  3. Prashanth s Avatar

    its osm.. i tzz workzz

  4. Vlientimer Avatar

    What battery should i use in this project sir? PLS ANSWER, It helps me alot

  5. Souparna Mitra Avatar

    Where to buy the motor and battery??

  6. Manash Lekharu Avatar

    what is the power source you have used in the video??
    please give me some details……..

  7. Mahadevan Kutty Avatar

    It's very wonderful

  8. Anandrao Anandrao Avatar

    videos are nice but connections should be shown clearly

  9. Priya Kavitha Avatar

    only the fan s rotating

  10. Priya Kavitha Avatar

    Wr does we get the glue gun

  11. Bob Burnquist Avatar

    Are you on Meth….? Cause I am. Thats the only reason I bother looking at stupid homemade stuff. I get all gacked out and bored and try to reinvent the wheel. So far my wheel as 4 sides… kinda hard to roll…. more like a sliding or dragging…

  12. ColdFuzion Avatar

    Do 12V DC motors already come with 2 wires attached on them?

  13. Sanahuma Khan Avatar

    plzz write things required in comment box plzz plzz

  14. Narendra sinha Avatar

    mere channel me jao or dekho kaisa hai

  15. Shamsher Singh Avatar

    that was nice but i want u to give full information of material required

  16. Kumkum Jadoun Avatar

    which cloth is used

  17. Rohankumar Bukane Avatar

    nice video.. and nice choice of music too….

  18. technical maharaj Avatar

    it is good for scince projects

  19. Hrishi Suryawanshi Avatar

    How we have to apply motor, I mean negative wire to positive terminal or negative terminal to negative terminal

  20. MaD GameR Avatar

    how to get motor

  21. Nueno Cabadin Avatar

    can i use 6v d motor?

  22. Serdar Örs Avatar

    Hehe, excellent, like it very much 🙂

  23. VENU GOPAL Avatar

    i an doing this model in my science exhibition thank u for showing this model


    can u plz plz plz suggest me about my fan , it's not pulling air rather it's throwing out air

  25. nuzhid shahid Avatar

    masha Allah I like this

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