How to Make a Projector using bulb at Home

DIY : Learn how to make a projector using incandescent lamp. It requires torch, bulb and transparent sheet. It’s very simple home made projector show how the projector works.

Working of Projector:

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Its Physics working models for science exhibition

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40 responses to “How to Make a Projector using bulb at Home”

  1. thoma fuad Avatar

    could you please tell me what kind of motor did you use?

  2. Javed Khan Avatar

    on what principle it works please tell its urgent

  3. Shivam Divakar Avatar

    can you make stray magnetic field meter

  4. Steve Njoro Avatar

    hey thats awesome

  5. JanrX Avatar

    Worst Music Of 2017

  6. M Shunmuga Priya Avatar

    fatema hamid, if the motor is running fast, use a resistor

  7. Shaji Thomas Avatar

    give me any idea for it

  8. Vinaykumar Yelmar Avatar

    bacche ki jan lega kay

  9. Gran Enguero Avatar

    how to file 2550m to bir?

  10. Ayaan Saha Avatar

    how to present this in a competition or in front of judges

  11. Naveen Karthick R Avatar

    very nice and help for me

  12. Péter Horváth Avatar


  13. Divyanshu Saini Avatar

    it is very very bad

  14. Franklin Egbuche Avatar

    Simplified version of this:
    Get a bulb or clear bottle, pour water inside as it creates a magnifying glass-like effect. Get a torchlight. Balance the torchlight and let it face the bulb/bottle at a close distance and use a thick material to prevent the light from the torch from escaping into the background before it hits the bulb/bottle.
    Whatever image is between the bulb and the light gets projected unto a surface adjacent to the light source.


  15. Anita Sharma Avatar

    on which principle does it works?can you please answer me…tis urgent

  16. shah kalp Avatar

    please give any suggestion to move motor slowly

  17. Pankaj Kumar Avatar

    Sir I am student of 10th class ,and I,ll make this projector for my science fair and I ,ll got the first position in 2 times school and district level sir thanks a lot for this projector.

  18. Ajit Kumar Avatar

    verry good idea

  19. lolli pop Avatar

    i could not get hot gluegun…what's the alternative???

  20. vishal khiladi Avatar

    isme motor kon si h

  21. navneet prakash Avatar

    what is that thing which rotates the reel

  22. tejas tube HD Avatar

    I am so happy for watching your video

  23. Ribah Rakhange Avatar

    That is really awesome!
    But is any fixed measurement required???

  24. Janardhan Achar Avatar

    it's good but boring

  25. Aaditee Iche Avatar

    is there an alternative to the hot glue gun…. plz can someone tell me real quick?

  26. Ruchi Jain Avatar

    very bad dont subcribe it

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