How to Make a Projector at Home

DIY : Learn how to make a old cinema projector that is an opto-mechanical device for displaying motion picture film by projecting it onto a screen. it requires one torch and one magnifying glass.

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Its Physics working models for science exhibition

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24 responses to “How to Make a Projector at Home”

  1. Mallikarjun Mangalgi Avatar

    It had helped me in science project

  2. Namita Bordewa Avatar

    ba kia chiz banaya ha maza ah gaya what great idea wow!

  3. mohammed mujahid Avatar

    Nice! but we can do it without magnifying glass also

  4. leeza chaulagain Avatar

    what type of magnifying glass we have to use in this project ?

  5. Nitin Rathod Avatar

    Mujeto bahut acha lags

  6. mr maker harsh Avatar

    Wow what a projector very Nice

  7. Tariq Khan Avatar

    Sir plz tell me how to present it in school bcz there is too much light

  8. Gurjot Singh Avatar

    Nice video and very easy model

  9. Usha Roy Avatar

    What is the size of the magnifying glass

  10. Pushpavathi N Avatar

    The name of this project is…..

  11. Mr Ash Avatar

    My channel is about games

  12. Rajesh Prasad Avatar

    Wow ..Really nice

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