How to Make a Lemon Battery

Hank shows us another SciShow: Experiment! This time he’s tackling what may be the most cliche, well-known and misunderstood experiment of all time: the lemon battery. The take home message in this one is: the electricity is NOT in the lemon. Just that delicious juice.

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27 responses to “How to Make a Lemon Battery”

  1. D Hilton Avatar

    If you had to make an electronic device and were being followed
    worried that wireless signal jammers could sabotage your wireless remote control activation device
    then decided to build an old school analog device that ran off an alarm powered by C or D cell batteries
    could you construct a improvised battery to generate the spark?


  2. TheMiniGeek Avatar

    Who got shown this in Physics class? Anybody?

  3. Don farlan Avatar

    i saw this experiment of a small sized battery capacitor , charging it causes it to produce pressure like its being inflated it hardens up and in a serries they act together sort of prventing a sudden discharge so as it all discharges in sync .its strange science behind this. but discharges extremly slow in comparisen to chargeing .a fantasy science projectno less

  4. Shadder Ojandeigh Avatar

    i have a cell battery. im using salt water in each cell and zinc and copper. i have about 15 cells and i get about 14 to 15 volts but i get no amps/current… so a small christmas light didnt light up

  5. Camelanian ! Avatar

    can I use any citric fruits?

  6. Hassan Maaroof Istanzai Avatar

    what if i use iron and lead instead of cooper and zinc nail

  7. jack benson Avatar


  8. jack benson Avatar

    This saved me from a bad grade on the science fair. Thanks SciShow.

  9. Ali Avatar

    This guy is so stupifying.

  10. Mr .Cardboardbox Avatar

    i got hear from a play list on my friends youtube Chanel called school
    their name is Sk1p1ng

  11. MisterSir Avatar

    okay, hold on a second, every video I see about this topic gives different explanations to what the heck is going on.. so let me ask, is this science accurate and if so, why have 10% of viewers disliked the video ?

  12. Ehsan Ag Avatar

    big blunder big blunder by magnus

  13. Allcingeye Avatar

    So being English I made a strange cell first of its type in the world yes and you and I know we have thousands of videos of battery's more than any time on earth. only one has to change the world I have a solid nylon electrolyte. how it works is the question very few can answer and may be just a few understand please help lots of it.

  14. JM Hopwood Avatar

    I Love this video. Because I love science And can help me too:):):):):):):)

  15. superkid3000 naruto Avatar

    well im usin this 4 my science fair cuzzz like why not

  16. The Flash 3x23 Avatar

    how to how to positive energy and negative energy push each other

  17. mohsin ali Avatar

    poratu sikhata

  18. zander duncan Avatar

    Where do you get the zinc from

  19. Amanuel Akele Avatar

    this was a trashiest video ever.

  20. Ashutosh Bhakuni Avatar

    How does this work without a separator? And since it does, then why is a separator used in batteries?

  21. -ND15- Avatar

    HAHAHAHA!! Play this vid on 0.50 ;D

  22. Gaming Fliper Avatar

    starburst stream!

  23. Gaming Fliper Avatar

    dkjdofdfdod dogi dfgoi hdfsigdfg ofi hdfhdf hrddfithfd ght

  24. Themurderer58 Avatar

    why lemon huh? there are other fruits with acid!

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