How To Make a Lava Lamp at Home. Easy Kids Science Experiments

We haven’t done this simple lava lamp experiment for a while and this time it did not fail to amuse too. I poured water and oil and added a few drops of food colouring. Aspirin tablets did not give us the wow effect, so we went for bigger tablets
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12 responses to “How To Make a Lava Lamp at Home. Easy Kids Science Experiments”

  1. Medinah Avatar

    Lovely video.
    Where did you purchase your food colouring? I checked Tesco but couldn't find the exact one.

    Thanks for sharing this video with us.

  2. Marcia Cox Avatar

    I just tried this with my Grandson and it didn't work like on the video, i used a alka seltzer tablet since there wasn't any directions except, water, oil and some sort of table. very disappointed

  3. Michelle W Avatar

    Bigger tablets of WHAT? Aspirin?

  4. laura hdz Avatar

    qué pastillas o cápsulas son?

  5. Paul Lai Avatar

    in the future, can you put in the video what you are using. Thanks.

  6. Enrica Mcintosh Avatar

    So, water, oil, colouring and alka selzer? Is that it?

  7. Doris Zenteno Avatar

    Can you use Alka zelter tabs?

  8. Caroline Banh Avatar

    Do you know where I can buy aspirin tablets? I want to do this wi my siblings also.

  9. Maurice Keefe Avatar

    What was the first tablet and second tablets? Can you use alka seltzer?

  10. Bridget Hook Avatar

    what is the bigger tablet?

  11. Oum Ayman Avatar

    In Feltham, near London Heathrow Airport. What's the age of your boys ?

  12. Oum Ayman Avatar

    hi. where do live ?

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