How to make a Generator at home – Easy

A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. In this video check how a DC Motor can be converted into a Generator to produce the electrical energy.
This can be used to glow the LED light and also it can be used to charge mobile with small alterations.
It can be one of the best Science projects as well.

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Things used for mini Generator project.

1) 7V DC Motor
2) LED Light
3) Old Marker
4) Sketch pen
5) Old CD
6) Bottle Cap
7) Rubber band
8) Sun board
9) Cello tape ring and
10) Metal Wire

How to make a Electric Generator

Songs used: Dutty, Four on the Dancefloor

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32 responses to “How to make a Generator at home – Easy”

  1. LinBH Avatar

    I'm buying a motor that is 1.5-9V. Will that work?

  2. Ronak Agrawal Avatar

    Thank you bro to gibe this vedio because of it i got full marks in my project

  3. hemanth kumar Avatar

    but how to store that electrical energy?????????

  4. Kennedy Miller Avatar

    will it work with a wooden board instead of sun board

  5. Allison Longmore Avatar

    it looked more like a projector to me

  6. trokiando 355 Avatar

    I did it but it didn't worked advices

  7. Mantu Chandra Barman Avatar

    this video is toooooooo useful for making school projects

  8. shreya nikumbh Avatar

    chutya sala hamko pakaraha

  9. Rakhvinder Kaur Avatar

    it's very good
    but can you tell me what type of motor you used

  10. Jeet Roy Avatar

    genius man genius!!

  11. Kennedy Miller Avatar

    will it work with a wooden board instead of a sun board?

  12. Gadget Addict Avatar

    Can I use red clay instead of blue?

  13. shashi preetham chary Avatar

    I was watched almost all videos of u and I tried to do some of u r creations and in some I was failed and in some I was succes

  14. ضياء الدين محمد Avatar

    can it richarge the mobile

  15. Mr.Extra Ordinary Avatar

    I don't even know how to break that CD into proper pieces.Please help me!


    outstanding videos

  17. Ashish Raj Avatar

    I just love what you make….

  18. Karan Singh Avatar

    it is fake it 0℅work it do this

  19. karama sky Avatar

    So nice generater

  20. Mufeed ahmd Avatar

    its amazing thanks bro.

  21. Antonia Clemente Avatar

    vagabundo só não gosto mais tese canal

  22. Alok Singh Avatar

    its too better

  23. Joshua Walrath Avatar

    "How to make a generator" all you need is a cd, some pencils, some rubber bands, and a generator.

  24. Ok Okay Avatar

    can we use any motor or a specific one?!

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