How To Make a Flying Balloon Without Helium – Cool Science Experiments

Please be careful, ’cause the hydrogen gas obtained by mixing aluminum foil with an acid from Mr Muscolo is highly flammable.

For people who don’t know, Mr Muscolo is a drain cleaner.
If you don’t have Mr Muscolo, you can use a Hydrochloric Acid

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21 responses to “How To Make a Flying Balloon Without Helium – Cool Science Experiments”

  1. 狂三 Avatar

    the bottel can use plastic?

  2. Sid Ch Avatar

    Plzzzzzz tell me

  3. Sid Ch Avatar

    Can we use surf excel?


    Can we use harpic at place of mr muscolo

  5. Insane 4-Life Avatar

    I need to know how it works though

  6. Kaitlin Grace Avatar

    Can I use a different brand or does it HAVE to be mr. muscolo?

  7. Musfira Siddiqua Avatar

    can i use harpic in this place

  8. Key Sea Avatar

    How do you make the reaction faster? We have a school project for Chemistry and I'd like it to be a little faster.

  9. whorayful Avatar

    I think you will find drain cleaner is highly caustic, or a base liquid not an acid. This reaction as well as liberating Hydrogen gas makes a lot of heat, be careful.

  10. sumeet jain Avatar

    drain clener bhi use kar sakkte he please replyy

  11. TM Lean Avatar


  12. Rincess Alleyah Avatar

    Pls respond i tried this one but it isnt working

  13. Sai prasanth Avatar

    i also used the same ingredients.. the balloon is also inflated.. but it is so hot.. so left it for 10 minutes… but after that the balloon size is reduced and also it did not fly… please help me

  14. Nour Wesam Avatar

    If I Put Vinegar And Aluminum Foil Will It Work ??? Please Reply I Need It For Tomorrow

  15. Sai prasanth Avatar

    can we use bathroom cleaner(hcl) instead of NaoH

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