How to Make a Flashlight using Plastic Bottles

Learn how to make a flashlight using two plastic bottles, popsicle sticks, one LED, wires, glue, two batteries and a big cap.

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22 responses to “How to Make a Flashlight using Plastic Bottles”

  1. احمد الحاج Avatar

    الي عربي يضغط لايك

  2. Sonal mishra Avatar

    which which wire r u using plz tell and what that white circle in which u keep bulb plz tell anyone

  3. Aastha Lilhore Avatar

    very nice experiment done by you

  4. sunpreet hora Avatar

    it should get an on /off button

  5. Bharat Thakor Avatar

    in this you use which type of wire

  6. Nuonik Kapoor Avatar

    how did you tie that fire in a rectangular peice of plastic
    it is not clear.Can you plz explain it clearly?

  7. Stephanie Sembrano Avatar

    What type of wires are used? Ty!

  8. razi rehman Avatar

    i understand but my friend did'nt understand

  9. Harichand Hp Avatar

    this is very good for kids

  10. navya Karnawt Avatar

    hey all kindly see the channel Prashant Karnawat it is awesome

  11. jeziel kate gabayno Avatar

    thank you for posting this video.I really need thid recycled flashlight for my project.

  12. HANNAH TAYAG Avatar

    Can you pls tell me the materials Pretty pls I love the way how you make it ^_^

  13. TENZIN WANGMO Avatar

    Which glue I should used to make that

  14. TENZIN WANGMO Avatar

    Which kind of glue I should use to make that led flashlight

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