How to create an exothermic reaction? – Live Experiments (Ep 40) – Head Squeeze

HeadSqueezer Huw James has a go at creating an exothermic reaction?

Endothermic and Exothermic reactions:

Elephant Toothpaste:

The Bloodhound Project:

Elephants actually brush their teeth?

What you need:
1 litre plastic bottle
Washing detergent
Active yeast
Hydrogen peroxide solution
Food colouring
Glass bowl
Rubber gloves

Sit the plastic bottle in the glass bowl
Put on your rubber gloves
Pour some hydrogen peroxide solution to the bottle
Add a little bit of washing detergent
Add some food colouring
Add some yeast
Give the bottle a shake

IMPORTANT: If you are doing this experiment please follow the instructions carefully

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41 responses to “How to create an exothermic reaction? – Live Experiments (Ep 40) – Head Squeeze”

  1. Chris “DigitalCaveDweller” M Avatar

    Two scientists walk into a bar. The first one says "I'll have some H2O." The second says "That sounds good. I'll have some H2O too." The second scientist died.

  2. Jerry L Avatar

    Its like toothpaste coming out of the bottle.

  3. Maestro1984 Avatar

    He looks like a woman with a beard lol

  4. oclvcarbon123 Avatar

    i can just burn some paper..

  5. LathanMedia Avatar

    Science is so green!

  6. U'mirin brah Avatar

    Thats a nice shade of green right there

  7. raketnight Avatar

    i thought i seen it all, but then i saw jesus teaching science …..shit

  8. TehBedspring Avatar

    I fucking hate V-neck shirts…

  9. Spartan Ra Avatar

    the way he says tooth paste is hilarious


  10. Alfiya Syakura Avatar

    That was way cool

  11. SapereAude1490 Avatar

    Try Citric acid + Baking soda

  12. Zalbar84 Avatar

    Huw stupid autocorrect

  13. Zalbar84 Avatar

    Hue, you have a nice head of hair, but it looks like a women's cut, and are you using hair products? Metrosexuals are just closet gays.

  14. Dominic Melit Avatar

    holy crap!!! it's 17 here right now and im wearing a jumper and the heater is on in the middle of winter.

  15. Dale Clarke Avatar

    Haha i think anything about 8c is good for us Brit's, anything about 20c/25c is just to much, it gets very humid very quickly and so becomes uncomfortable. Its about 13c here as i write this and its perfect for an out door drink. 

  16. Victor Cervantes Avatar

    light a match to the bubbles!!!

  17. Ruakus Avatar

    Lol i thought he was just gonna light a match and call it a video

  18. Gooop Avatar

    *sigh* they need to get rid of that shaky cam..

  19. SGTTEMPEST Avatar

    Yeast have catalase. 2 H2O2 —(catalase)—–> 2 H2O + o2

  20. 03svtc0bra Avatar

    you have the beard of a man and the hair of a woman my friend

  21. Dominic Melit Avatar

    hi, i am wondering, do you live in England? if so define hot. i am interested because i know someone who lives in England and i asked how the weather was and he said it was quite warm and i asked what the temp was and he said about 10c where i live the only time it gets below 10 is at 3 am in the morning in the middle of winter!!!! and in summer it can get up to 40

  22. Dean Smith Avatar

    Please get a hair cut. You look like the bearded lady

  23. Steven Whyte Avatar

    Not down South :)

  24. cyberbadger Avatar

    I'm not an chemist, just a lowly engineer. But what is the yeast doing? Is it a catalyst or is it a reactant? You are not explaining clearly what the active yeast is contributing.

  25. Willow Star Avatar

    You remind me so much of Sam Rockwell.

  26. Jew Lizard Avatar

    Check your northern hemisphere privilege! 

  27. 420talon Avatar

    Set it on FIRE!!!!

  28. Aaron Dawson Avatar

    You're Jesus, you don't need any chemicals, or any of that laughable chemistry knowledge.

  29. Derek Leung Avatar

    Do the experiment again with the cap closed!

  30. Ganok Avatar

    no tripod comments?

  31. daniel117100 Avatar

    This guy looks like my local crack addict

  32. SomeGuysg Avatar

    Would be we able to light that foam on fire ?

  33. ralluff93 Avatar

    A reaction without heat exchange is called adiabatic…

  34. Amira AlBalushi Avatar

    I wonder the same!

  35. Sam Strobel Avatar

    Next time try it with 30% Hydrogen Peroxide instead of 3%, Makes much much more toothpaste a lot quicker!

  36. Shrooms Are epic Avatar

    Vinegar and baking soda

  37. citruskushxD Avatar

    I see that lighter over there. Why didn't you do anything with it now I'm pissed

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