How Liquids Impact a Magnet Experiment

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How Liquid Impacts a Magnet Science Experiment



38 responses to “How Liquids Impact a Magnet Experiment”

  1. Odalisa Encarnacion Avatar

    Viscosity is the answer!

  2. Joan Eclar Avatar

    What if a needle was struck and gets stock inside my leg and goes 2 inches deep? Can i use a magnet to get it out so i won't go under a surgery? (it happened to my friend, i was thinking of using a magnet to get it out. Is it possible?)

  3. M P Avatar

    I think it’s because of the magnet attracted to the paper clip experiment.

  4. Joey Browder Avatar

    density was the only factor in this experiment.

  5. AYVARI Avatar

    do you wanna make people smarter or just waste their time?

  6. Anamarys Nunez Avatar

    Because the first two go faster than the serup]

  7. anything fake or real Avatar

    booooooooooooo! Your expriment sucks. fuck off

  8. Pravin Lall Avatar

    What's your point here?

  9. Chaterine Jaya Avatar

    it's about the concentration of fluid that affects the movement of paper clips when moving because there is friction on the body of the paper clip with the liquid. no effect on the magnetic field. one that can affect the magnetic field is heat.

  10. a64750 Avatar

    even though copper winding do not contain infinite free electrons, a current can be created by a permanent magnet

  11. Sridhar V Avatar

    It is because the corn syrup is made up corn and it is grinded and they are added other chemicals so there would be less magnetic power

  12. Kevin Dunn Avatar

    The magnet is basically pulling it as if i were pulling something with my hand. I would have a harder time pulling any object including the weight of my own arm and hand through corn syrup rather that water. Everyone is saying viscosity; I'm assuming that is a fancy word for "Drag"

  13. Sean Fridkin Avatar

    The liquids have different magnetic permeability, this means that some liquids are can allow magnetic forces to form inside them while others cannot.Another factor is the density of the liquids which make the paperclips move at different speeds if traveling through/in different liquids.I think, I'm only in Grade 6 so if somebody could correct me that would be awesome 🙂

  14. Erdbeergeist Avatar

    bad experiment, makes people think the liquid alters the magnetic field, when really its just the viscosity

  15. Recardo Perez Avatar

    The one on the right has higher viscosity, more friction giving you a harder time. Thats why when you dropped them in they floated at the top and you had to push it, in order for it to slowly fall to the bottom. Our keyword is slowly, a stronger magnet would give you less frustrating result.

  16. jaipal chauhan Avatar

    this is at best a video on viscosity
    n no where of any relevance to magnetism

  17. CJ Ruddy Avatar

    They move differently due to the viscosity of the different liquids.

  18. or hargash Avatar

    it is because fuel is more to use with engine

  19. Mike Sollows Avatar

    Yes viscosity adds resistance . Just as the corn syrup increased this effect.

  20. Mahide CANTEZ Avatar

    Hi! Could you write if this essay is an article?

  21. Ionut Georgescu Avatar

    Actually viscosity has nothing to do with the magnetic flux. Only the paper clips are affected, not the magnetic field. Viscosity affects more for mass in this case (as mas is affected by the medium). GG!

  22. The Random King Rishav Bhadani Avatar

    this is just an idea thing this is happen due to the density of the liquid (such a chutiya you are)

  23. Mag Venture Avatar

    Please stop acting as though your audience is four years old, and it's because of different viscosity in the liquids, nice video though

  24. Mike Amber Avatar

    Denser things have more resistance

  25. Patrick Avatar

    please stop confusing our children

  26. 35oz 19g Avatar

    Dumbest experiment ever performed.

  27. GREG GERHARDT Avatar

    The specific gravity of the fluids.

  28. Ashish Kumar Belladhi Avatar

    cauz Corn syrup is more denser than water its not attracting faster and water is denser than oil so clips attracted more faster in of oil than water but look same speed. And to guess perfectly which is denser more is by the quality of transparency of liquid. There Cron syrup was more transparent than of Water. So Corn syrup is more denser than of Water…….

  29. Robert Gandy Avatar

    Thats incredooble

  30. Aldrich Ibia Avatar

    Because it has different densities

  31. Noor Al-Obaidi Avatar

    I think It's bc of polarity

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