How I built a nuclear reactor at the age of 13 | Jamie Edwards | TEDxCERN

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. What does it take to build a nuclear reactor? Jamie Edwards started out on his journey at age 13 to beat Taylor Wilson’s record of being the youngest person to achieve nuclear fusion. He tells of the obstacles he faced as a young schoolboy while trying to achieve his dream, such as trying to convince his headmaster to order deuterium on ebay.

At 13 years old, Jamie Edwards attempted to become the youngest person ever to achieve nuclear fusion by colliding the nuclei of hydrogen atoms via inertial electrostatic confinement in his school lab. When Jamie told his headmaster about his plan to build the nuclear reactor and asked for funding, the reply was “Will it blow up the school?” Jamie got the funding, and rest assured, the school still stands. For his next project, Jamie – who wants to be a nuclear engineer or work in theoretical physics – has his sights on building a miniature hadron collider. He’s now 14 years old.

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24 responses to “How I built a nuclear reactor at the age of 13 | Jamie Edwards | TEDxCERN”

  1. blobbish Avatar

    I don't think there is any difference in how to build a nuclear reactor based on your age

  2. blobbish Avatar

    I don't understand. Why would you want to build this in your own house

  3. Valiant Gordon Avatar

    How bout how to reverse engineer a UFO or how to receive a alien weapon device.

  4. John Falcon Avatar

    I'm conCERNed this kid might have been abused… He seems suicidal, and a bit homicidal too.

  5. Uttara Chowdhury Avatar

    Okay but that's only possible only if the teachers helped, our school participates in science fair every year in national level but doesn't pay any money for the resources, they just select few students, last year I was selected and tell them to build something, but it's us who have to buy the resources using our own money.

  6. Matthew Jenkins Avatar

    "All you need is curiosity determination and an open mind"

    Also 2600 dollars

  7. Qwerty 1241467 Avatar

    This kid is like the older sisters in Johnny test

  8. Dylan Rice Avatar

    This kid's college essay

  9. Conroy Penner Avatar

    Just what the world needs more of, nuclear devices & Mystery-Babylon-brainwashed kids… running the world… yup, sure.

  10. Rend Avatar

    We all do this in first year physics at my university, and this kid's acting like it's a big deal

  11. jameskerry41 Avatar

    The power supply from the U.S. arrived and it didn't work? I was expecting him to say 'but I fixed it'…but he didn't…that's when I moved on to the 3 stooges page

  12. pablo escobar Avatar

    wow no wonder i bring guns to school

  13. Saeb Gamal Mabrouk Yousef Avatar

    Theres a 13 yr old boi who built a nuclear reactor

    And theres ppl disliking TedX vids for no reson

  14. Ethan Bruss Avatar

    Ill be impressed when he stops slapping his lips

  15. Varun Pandey Avatar

    The city: we have a power plant.
    He:I have my personal nuclear reactor.

  16. Czhekh Meytt Avatar

    This has the same energy as "I became a proffesional scientist at age 18"and that is amazing

  17. landon getzlaff Avatar

    im watching this in 2020?

  18. Robin Park Avatar

    Kim Jong-Un wants to know your location

  19. basil fawlty Avatar

    What sort of senior school allows someone to build a working nuclear reactor there?
    Are they f*cking mental?

  20. DJ Coatesy Avatar

    He went to my high school

  21. mahdi rafatjah Avatar

    I wanted to code though everyone reminded me to read my courses

  22. Cerb Avatar

    I built lego police truck when I was 8 and that is enought for me

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