Home experiments: The non-popping balloon

Many great scientists like Albert Einstein and Marie Curie were inspired as children. Hopefully Dr Roger’s Home Experiments – conducted by the Telegraph’s Science Editor, Roger Highfield – will help to inspire the next generation of inventors.






39 responses to “Home experiments: The non-popping balloon”

  1. Josette DC Avatar

    gosh, im holding my breath for the safety of the poor girl

  2. matthew whitaker Avatar

    This guy shouldn't even be doing this, in the info it said that "will help to inspire the next generation of inventors" showing them that a water balloon won't pop while being held under a candle will totally inspire a 3 year old!!

  3. Louis Gambrill Avatar

    Get a pin
    See if that pops it

  4. Nekaigo Avatar

    Daisy just the cutest little girl! She made my day.

  5. Mugdha Meda Avatar

    wow! Simply amazing!!

  6. Irena Xiao Avatar

    cool experient to do with your kids. Thank you, will be a project we do tomorrow. Also, dude you are taller than the range hood behind you.

  7. Aman Yadav Avatar

    cool experiment !

  8. Santa Isabel .De Merlo Avatar

    i won the central american science fair =DDDD THNX!!!!

  9. J-ME Avatar

    Here's a question for Roger Highfield….Can the balloon handle a low temperature for long enough to get the water boiled, turned into a gas, increase the pressure inside the balloon, and thereby increase the size of the balloon?
    I assume a typical latex balloon shouldn't melt even if the water is boiling at 100C

  10. Hannah Edwards Avatar

    That little girl is Soo cute!;)

  11. Jayhun Avatar

    lol the girl is standing there and she like has no idea what the hell is that guy doing
    like this in you think the same thing

  12. frackcha Avatar

    @gulfland send me a pm if you feel you must convey your beliefs, this isn't the right place. (my apologies all!)

  13. Ra yan Avatar

    @frackcha “I did not create the jinn and mankind except for My worship.” (Quran 51:56)

  14. frackcha Avatar

    @gulfland the purpose of life cannot be found in any scripture, only the means to control mankind.. or should i say the means to attempt to control mankind.

  15. Ra yan Avatar

    @YourPricelessAdvice YOU are the one who must respect yorself and know the purpose of life!

  16. Ra yan Avatar

    @YourPricelessAdvice “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” Albert Einstein quote.

  17. HnW Avatar

    I was watching LCD TVs and ended up here.

  18. Ra yan Avatar



    Quran and Science


  19. JgHaverty Avatar

    Ironically, this is pretty much the basic concept of how a reactor plant works 🙂

  20. yurika guda Avatar


  21. vq Avatar

    I though all the time she was going to fall.. Thank god..

  22. Puggy 102 Avatar

    she so piss (:

  23. Michael Mahoney Avatar

    0:18 hands in ur pants XD

  24. Erik Avatar

    @svspatel when someone is deemed brave for holding a balloon i think the world is full of pussies.

  25. newblife Avatar

    ow fuck you that kid was laughing

  26. Javier Diaz Avatar

    no shit! you probably believe that this is such a magnificent science video and that you have accomplished something but my friend… i regret to inform you that you just look like an idiot by doing this…

  27. Tim Rodriguez Avatar

    I got more scared of the old man shouting than the ballon popping.

  28. hookah777 Avatar

    She's totally cute

  29. Alx Gray Avatar

    i was expecting daisy to fall off the table taking the candle, and jug of water with her..!

  30. Megabobster Avatar

    *laughs at the thought of the video ending right as the balloon popped*

  31. brym4n Avatar

    so how would it hold up to a needle?

  32. favorunmerited Avatar

    @ApocaIypse Daisy is not amused. She did a wonderful job though.

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