Home experiments: The non-popping balloon

Many great scientists like Albert Einstein and Marie Curie were inspired as children. Hopefully Dr Roger’s Home Experiments – conducted by the Telegraph’s Science Editor, Roger Highfield – will help to inspire the next generation of inventors.


39 thought on “Home experiments: The non-popping balloon”

  1. This guy shouldn't even be doing this, in the info it said that "will help to inspire the next generation of inventors" showing them that a water balloon won't pop while being held under a candle will totally inspire a 3 year old!!

  2. Here's a question for Roger Highfield….Can the balloon handle a low temperature for long enough to get the water boiled, turned into a gas, increase the pressure inside the balloon, and thereby increase the size of the balloon?
    I assume a typical latex balloon shouldn't melt even if the water is boiling at 100C

  3. @gulfland the purpose of life cannot be found in any scripture, only the means to control mankind.. or should i say the means to attempt to control mankind.

  4. no shit! you probably believe that this is such a magnificent science video and that you have accomplished something but my friend… i regret to inform you that you just look like an idiot by doing this…

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