Global Warming , Green House Effect , Ozone Layer Video for Kids

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Global warming can be defined as heating of earth because of increase in green house gases ((carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide, and methane).These gases trap more heat from the sunlight reflected by earth ,so temperature of the earth goes up.This may hurt all living beings.In this educative video,find all answers to the questions about what is global warming ,what is ozone layer,what is greenhouse effect etc.


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  1. Hey kids, I was taught in school in the late 1970s and 80s the world would:  1. Run out food because there are too many people.  2. Run out of clean water, clean air, and oil by 2000.  3. Run out of places to put garbage.  4. Run out of oxygen because the Rain Forrest was being cut down.  And that was the main source of 'oxygen carbon dioxide exchange'.  5. acid rain.  ect…

  2. Stop brainwashing kids with fictitious, fiddled physics!

    It's not about climate data, because proving that there is long-term global warming for about 500 years since the Little Ice Age does not prove carbon dioxide caused it. And when it cools for 500 years starting later this century (as it did before the Little Ice Age) that cooling will not prove anything about carbon dioxide either.

    You cannot prove with correct physics that water vapor and carbon dioxide raise the surface temperature by most of "33 degrees" as claimed with fictitious physics such as in Pierrehumbert's book.

    The effect of a force field (such as in a vortex tube) is to create a temperature gradient radially. Gravity does the same, and that is the reason a planet's surface temperature is raised. Back radiation cannot raise the temperature above the effective temperature of that back radiation. On Earth the mean temperature of the back radiation is about 257K and that of direct solar radiation reaching the surface is about 233K. The back radiation wins, but cannot explain the surface temperature. You can't add them. Only the state of maximum entropy explains the observed surface temperature, and the best explanation of that physics is here* and in linked sites and papers.

    So, does any reader dare to try to set out in a comment on this blog* appropriate calculations (making some allowance for the fact that radiation is variable) supposedly explaining the mean surface temperature of Earth? There's a reward of over US $7,000 for the first to do so and leave me stumped for a correct refutation. Yes, I'm throwing down the gauntlet to ANYONE in the world to prove me wrong with valid physics.


  3. The people mean well in thinking that Environmental Issues are Man-made that can be resolved. But unfortunately, it is not man-made but a Natural Progression. A degeneration or aging. Planets are no exclusion. They too must evolve. But for every degeneration to complete negative is another trailing and evolving to Life as our next home. This is the Law Of Quantum Central Movement per decrease of Planetary Energy due to time progression and "Permanent Exposure" to Sun's great Heat and Radiation that cannot be matched by anything man-made.

    Please click the link for the Peak of Global Warming, Ozone Damage, and El Nino.

  4. Thanks for sharing this! Some people I know (including my stupid family) think that global warming is a myth and won't happen. These stupid fucking politicians are the same way. People like to contradict science because it sounds too horrible to believe or they think God will protect them. WAKE UP, HUMANS!


  6.  Joseph P Trantas, Sr.   i need your help please watch pt-1 and pt-2 very important !!!!!! also dr john holdren thank you  if I have to watch one more video of all these experts talking about greenhouse gases I'm going to explode I am showing something with greenhouse gas that is 10 times bigger than their story but no one is looking at this it drives me crazy how could you talk about this without looking at my research please take the time to watch the video I posted this problem must come to the front of all conversations pertaining to climate change study especially greenhouse gases thank you     

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