Funny Elephant Toothpaste (Chemical Reaction)


If we need to choose top 10 most interesting chemical reactions, I think elephant toothpaste must be one of them.

Elephant toothpaste is a very easy and funny science experiment, which results in a rapid eruption of huge amount of foam. In the past few years, I have performed this experiment with my kids over 50 times.

Things we need:
Level 1: beginner level
-10% hydrogen peroxide
-food coloring
-dish soap

Level2: Intermediate level
-20% hydrogen peroxide*
-food coloring
-dish soap
-saturated potassium iodide

Level3: ultimate level
-35% hydrogen peroxide*
-food coloring
-dish soap
-saturated potassium iodide

*20% or above hydrogen peroxide is highly corrosive, please wear glove when you deal with it

Elephant toothpaste is the decomposition process of hydrogen peroxide, while yeast / potassium iodide works as a catalyst to break down the hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. Soap will then mixed with the oxygen and water, which turn into foam.


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