Four Chemical Ways To Make Fire Without Matches

Hello everyone. Today we will consider reactions of making fire without matches.
Please note that this video was made solely for demonstration purposes! Do not attempt to repeat the experiments shown in this video!
The first reaction, which is already known to many people, is the reaction of potassium permanganate and glycerin.
Let’s pour the potassium permanganate. Now make a small indentation for the glycerol and afterwards add glycerol.
Since my potassium permanganate is not ground the reaction requires a lot of time. To accelerate the reaction add a few drops of water.
Glycerol reacts with potassium permanganate, contributing to its decomposition. The reaction increases by the generated heat.
Now the next reaction. We place a mixture of potassium chlorate and sugar in a ratio of 2 to 1. All components were thoroughly ground.
To start the reaction, sulfuric acid was added dropwise.
Now the third reaction. I moisten a piece of cloth with acetone to make it more flammable.
Let’s put a concentrated sulfuric acid into a pipette and then sink it in a potassium permanganate to take a few crystals. Prepare a droplet and drip onto the napkin.
Sulfuric acid reacts with the potassium permanganate forming manganese oxide 7 which ignites acetone.
And the last reaction. Pour a mixture, which consist of four grams of ammonium nitrate and one gram of sodium chloride, i.e. table salt.
All components were thoroughly ground. Add ten grams of zinc powder to this mixture.
Next, mix the components. To start the reaction, add a few drops of water.
The addition of water facilitates the interaction of zinc with ammonium nitrate. Sodium chloride is used as an ion catalyst. Facebook:



23 responses to “Four Chemical Ways To Make Fire Without Matches”

  1. Neog2 Avatar

    Why was your water so blue?

  2. metalhed411 Avatar

    Best ending music EVER!!
    (Linkin Park – Waiting for the end)
    R.I.P Chester Bennington! Im a musician and singer this day because of LP and Chester!.. I was into this video until the end and i was jumpimg for joy! Lol great experiments!

  3. Goldberg Sam Avatar

    You made me miss Linkin Park .. :((

  4. Jorge Callico Avatar

    Guess we shouldnt put out an ammonium nitrate fire with water huh?

  5. Undinist Avatar

    Is the potassium permanganate in the video ground? How long would the reaction take if you don't add water?

  6. GD ProGamer937 Avatar

    Hey, that last one is Negative X!

  7. Imaru Lewis Avatar

    Step 1: dunk your hands in glycerol
    Step 2: dip hands in potassium manganade.
    Step 3: scream "DEKUUUUUUU!" at the top of your lungs.
    Step 4: profit.

  8. PBS #007 Avatar

    where do you get all the ingredients to buy?

  9. Boomer Taylor Avatar

    Glycerin added to potassium permangenate works rather quickly, only a few seconds. Don't add quite as much as was done here. Good video.

  10. IliJA Radosevic Avatar

    Can you make fire from flint stone smashed with ironin handle? It is not easy. People do it for Townsend of yeas?

  11. Lamerakus Richardson Avatar

    whts the main 2 household chemicals you can mix to make a bomb?

  12. v1los Avatar

    Silver Nitrate + Magnesium Powder + a drop of water = Brilliant white fire!!

  13. Siggesatan Avatar

    what do they call the last one?
    isn't that formula x?

  14. Jay Guo Avatar

    anyone know where to get Potassium Permanganate

  15. Eashaan Godbole Avatar

    3rd one seemed best and most controllable

  16. believe it Avatar

    Potassium Permaganate and plain white sugar mixed together will also spontaneously combust

  17. Infamous Yasuo Avatar

    how to you get potassium permanganate?

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