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In this video, I will show you 5 science experiments that are easy enough, and kids can even do these. The first is making an egg bouncy by placing an egg in acidic acid (vinegar). The 2nd Science demonstration is making milk and food coloring create art like designs. The third Experiment that you can do at home is taking a gum wrapper and making it into a makeshift lighter. All you have to do is cut the gm wrapper in a 4 degree angle and connect an AA Battery to both metallic sides of the gum wrapper, and then you will create fire! The 4th Chemistry/Physics demonstration shown during this video is making a ph indicator using red cabbage. The final and last science experiment shown during this video is Burning a dollar bill. You can burn money, however the dollar will be fine.

Sorry for not uploading in awhile, but I promise I will produce weekly videos again soon!

The song name is: Fig Leaf Times Two, which was created by Kevin MacLeod. You can find this song in the youtube playlist and use it for youtube videos.

The editing software I used to create this video was mostly lightworks. I created the main video in lightworks as well as my voice over the video, and the background song. The 2nd editing software I used was the youtube video editor, which I used to Trim down the video, as well as, Add my video intro.

My video Introduction has come from the site:

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