Fire Hands! fire experiments

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43 responses to “Fire Hands! fire experiments”

  1. Ahron Aristela Avatar

    2017 still watching?

  2. Super Duper Avatar

    wHEY is nOut burning my handd? Tell me on comments below….

  3. z rajper Avatar

    is there an alternative for butane gas

  4. AJ HAZARIKA Avatar

    u should have taken sanitizer

  5. Darius Bobo Avatar

    dats wats si sed

  6. Anson Hawkins Avatar

    i tried this and it burned my eyebrowls off

  7. Gamer lover Avatar


  8. chriz roman Avatar

    thats what she said

  9. Kronik Turdz Avatar

    that's what she said

  10. Clementine TWD Avatar

    I had this done to me in school

  11. MiKO GameAddict Avatar

    His so young in this video!
    I didn't recognize him

  12. priya leo Avatar

    can we use body

  13. iiZoro F_16 Avatar

    water, detergent and deodorant

  14. Harry traynor Avatar

    thats what she said

  15. TheLefseBoy Avatar

    That was she said

  16. YES BOYSSS! Avatar

    That what she said

  17. Etceterotic Avatar

    shows up over 4 years too late what? No one started a flame war after seeing this? ahaha…I am alone.

  18. kratos alex Avatar

    wassup everybody welcome to my malborejahghs?

  19. Nathan  Mitchell Avatar

    That's what she said

  20. Jordan Meadway Avatar

    What compressed gas is in the container?

  21. AD tuber Avatar

    who's watching this in 2017!?!?

  22. Mine GamingPtot Avatar

    thats what she said

  23. Dopest Gamer Avatar

    You have to have more bubbles

  24. Dopest Gamer Avatar

    You put to much soap

  25. anusha Debjani Avatar

    what if I wanna do it for a school project?

  26. anusha Debjani Avatar

    is it going to burn?

  27. Madhuri Peethala Avatar

    may I know the explanation

  28. Josue Trigueros Avatar

    that's what she said

  29. Marcus J Avatar

    that's what she said

  30. Isaac Park Avatar

    Because u had some kind of ice thing on ur hands

  31. Bhavya Singal Avatar

    1:05 that's what she said hahaha

  32. JakesAgamer Avatar

    I can finally play skyrim in real life lol

  33. LOL57 Avatar

    "Safety is number one priority" – that's what she said!

  34. Arshdeep Thind Avatar

    It's because water absorbs the heat like when u put water in a balloon and put fire under it it dosent pop

  35. Ferrari_458_Fan Avatar

    Basics of thermodynamics. Your hand hasn't been burnt off as the water needs to evaporate. Your hand will maybe feel a bit of heat until the water hits the latent point. At this point the liquid is changing phase. (From a liquid to a gas). And at this point the temperature won't increase until all the water has evaporated. To prove this take a paper cup and fill it with water. Light the paper cup and and notice how the paper does not burn until all the water has evaporated.

  36. ramon bergantinos Avatar

    any scientific explanation??

  37. Yliana Jiménez Avatar

    YOU need colon or hand sanatizer

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