Fermentation of Yeast & Sugar – The Sci Guys: Science at Home

Welcome to science at home in this experiment we are exploring the fermentation between yeast and sugar. Yeast uses sugar as energy and releases carbon dioxide and ethanol as waste. Yeast and fermentation have been used for thousands of years when making bread. At the end of this episode you will be able to demonstrate fermentation, explain why yeast and fermentation make a balloon grow and explain the chemical reaction that occurs during fermentation.

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Equipment and Ingredients:
Lab Coat or Apron

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29 responses to “Fermentation of Yeast & Sugar – The Sci Guys: Science at Home”

  1. vania atthalia Avatar

    what happen to balloon if we add more sugar without add more yeasts?

  2. erin nolan Avatar

    this video should be called ''how to make a balloon blow up when your to lazy to blow one up ''

  3. Jadey Bear Avatar

    How Warm does the water have to be?

  4. Lucy Hardman Avatar

    How do you measure the carbon dioxide produced?

  5. Donors. Avatar

    Who’s here from Edpuzzle?

  6. Raslan D Avatar

    But can I drink this

  7. Cameron Anderson Avatar

    i had to do this on lockdown and i got it wrong so i just copied this video lol

  8. OARFISH Avatar

    here cause of biology

  9. keishie kim Avatar

    can you make research from this experiment?

  10. Jonathan Newman Avatar

    How do you take the balloon off without making a mess or blowing up?

  11. Kate Marks Avatar

    who's here because of school.

  12. Irfan Muhammad Avatar

    Wow so interesting

  13. bikash agrawal Avatar

    Formula for sucrose is wrong.

  14. Khairun- miza Avatar

    Online class and i see this video

  15. Harrison Jones Avatar

    pov your here during covid

  16. lavender.x Avatar

    Do the bottles have to be the same shape (school says to ask a question)

  17. Bee Asher Avatar

    Pov: you are here from school….

  18. Marie rmrz04 Avatar

    What was the purpose of the warm water?

  19. Hagzy 12 Avatar

    Anyone here from school

  20. Cat Queen Avatar

    Who's science teacher bought them here? lol.

  21. Zoe Grossman Avatar

    the farting jokes are so weird

  22. Asako Mitsuko Avatar

    I’m in love with this comments

  23. Yue Shin Avatar

    can i know what is the constant variable for this ec]xperiment?

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